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Qatar- Meet discusses ways to protect human rights

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The second session of the first day of the international conference on ‘National, Regional and International Mechanisms to Combat Impunity and Ensure Accountability under International Law', discussed ways to protect and promote human rights through action to combat impunity. The session covered three main topics including the right to know, the right to justice and the right to compensation. It also discussed providing guarantees of non-repetition.

The Chair of the Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar Marzuki Darusman stressed the need to strengthen the desire of everyone with regards to uncovering the facts and exposing the violators of human rights, in order to ensure justice and equity.

He added that legal responsibility is linked to accountability, trial and prosecution, which leads to the acknowledgment of violations and reparation. He pointed to the role played by the mission of the Myanmar fact-finding mission in light of the violations of the authorities were accused and the obstacles and suffering it faced to complete its work and task. By a Security Council resolution in 2017.

He pointed out that the final report of the mission presented observations that were not at the heart of its work. He pointed out that among these observations, the objection to some of the findings of the mission, as it was prevented from entering some areas inside Myanmar and investigate, especially that about one million people and some residents in the affected areas were displaced to neighboring countries, but the mission met with them and heard about violations.

He pointed out that after the month of September next will be adopted a special mechanism by the Human Rights Council, noting in this regard to the mission to recommend that there be a special court on the crimes committed in Myanmar, similar to that done to deal with the crimes of Yugoslavia, something that is now the subject of consideration and international thinking.

Executive Director of the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect Dr Simon Adams praised the government of the State of Qatar after it established an objective mechanism to deal with a number of important international issues. 'Impunity is one of the main causes of violence and crime, and the lack of justice for massacres opens the appetite for others.

He pointed to the need for concerted international efforts to prevent such incidents from repetition, such as those that occurred in Syria, where the Syrian regime launched chemical attacks on civilians in 2013 and did not take legal accountability for the crime committed by the repeated attacks with chemical weapons six times after the absence of a real deterrent.

He stressed that fact-finding missions and organizations dealing with the detection of international massacres should be given special powers to directly identify and bring to justice the perpetrators and to bring them to justice, pointing out that the most harmful to the conduct of investigations at the time of the massacres is that the victims are unknown and not named as the actors.

He stressed the need to first define the perpetrators of crimes and subject them to the rule of law.

He highlighted that the disregard for justice has made crimes more prevalent in the countries of the world and set an example of this incident, killing 40 children of students in Yemen in the rocket attack there and No one is convicted in that incident.


Qatar- Meet discusses ways to protect human rights


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