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Saturday, 01 April 2023 11:20 GMT

From Binary Code To Nature's Laws: The Fascinating Connection Revealed In 'The Book Of Life”

(MENAFN- EIN Presswire) Essence of Yi Jing: A Treasure of Ancient Chinese Wisdom that Has Remained Exclusive Until Now is Published in English through The Book of Life by Sethe Chong. USA, March 17, 2023 / / -- Ancient Chinese wisdom meets modern-day science in Sethe Chong's new book, 'The Book of Life'. The book reveals insights from the Yi Jing (I-Ching), a classic on divination and philosophy that has influenced Confucianism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tao Te Ching, and even Sun Tzu's Art of War.

The Yi Jing proposes that all existence come from Yin and Yang, which like the 0s and 1s in binary code, operate on a logic and order that's similar to programming. Like how binary code created all digital representation of our reality in the form of motion pictures we see on screen and the digital interfaces we interact with, the Yi Jing proposes that Yin and Yang created our physical reality and experiences. It suggests that nature produces consistent outcomes when the same conditions for their creation are fulfilled, enabling accurate deductions and predictions of the past and future.

The Yi Jing had such an influence on the inventor of binary arithmetic, Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz, that he titled his invention's introductory publication: 'Explanation of the binary arithmetic, which uses only the characters 1 and 0, with some remarks on its usefulness, and on the light it throws on the ancient Chinese figures of Fu Xi'. Fu Xi, 5000 B.C., is the founding father of this ancient Chinese wisdom.

Author Sethe Chong believes the world could improve if knowledge of the Yi Jing could be studied publicly. Hence, he has written 'The Book of Life' and made the essence of this 'King of Scriptures', as it's recognized in China, available in English. He believes that its wisdom can illuminate the causes of suffering and difficulties and empower people to improve the future with ease and speed by better understanding nature's operating principles.

However, while the Yi Jing is treasured by some of the most prominent political and business leaders today, its knowledge has traditionally remained exclusive. Qualified masters have always only transmitted their enlightenment to selected students, and conveyed the true spirit of its wisdom and techniques in Chinese, making it difficult for non-native speakers to learn.

'The Book of Life' bridges this gap by making the essence of the Yi Jing available in English. The author hopes that its wisdom can empower more people to create a better future by understanding and applying its principles in their daily lives.

'A lot of the sufferings today resemble those that happened in history, don't you think?' he said. 'Yi just asks us to pay attention, to acknowledge that data. It asks us to deduce the outcome if things remain the same, and informs us of the natural conditions we need to fulfill to pave a way to the future we wish for.”

Through his organization, Sethe Chong aims to promote further collaborative research of the natural principles and laws discussed in the Yi Jing. He believes with the help of professors, scientists, and physicists, humanity will be able to gain far more understanding on a philosophy that can empower people to create a harmonious future.

The author states:“If the natural principles of the Yi Jing can be taught in primary and secondary schools worldwide, the future is going to be exciting to look forward to.”

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