North Korea Impose Nationwide Ban On Red Lipstick

(MENAFN- NewsIn) May 16th (NDTV) – North Korea, under the leadership of Kim Jong Un, enforces strict and often unusual laws, extending even to fashion
choices. The regime imposes bans on popular global fashion
and cosmetic brands, with severe penalties in case of non-compliance. And now, the North Korean government
has banned red lipstick.

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Why has North Korea banned red lipstick?


Despite the colour red having historical links with Communism, North Korea has banned red lipstick, for the leadership views it as a symbol of capitalism, and not Communist ideas. In fact, heavy makeup is frowned upon in North Korea and is looked at as a sign of Western influence.

However, there is more to this ban than meets the eye. The regime worries that women wearing red lipstick could make them appear too attractive, thereby going against the government
's stance on keeping things simple and modest. So, women are only allowed to wear minimal makeup, according to the law.

North Korea's control over personal appearance extends beyond red lipstick. In recent years, the Kim Jong Un regime has banned several other items and styles supposedly linked to capitalist ideology, including skinny or blue jeans, body piercings, and certain hairstyles such as mullets and long hair for women. Only hairstyles approved by the state for both men and women are allowed.

However, some bans are more personal than ideological. Reports suggest that certain fashion
styles, like black trench coats or Mr Jong Un's signature swept-back hairstyle, are prohibited just because the supreme leader does not want people to copy him. To make sure people follow these rules, they have the“Gyuchaldae” or the fashion
police, who keep a close eye on how everyone looks.

What happens when people don't follow these rules?

People who try to push these boundaries, such as by wearing blue jeans, can face severe consequences. They might be punished, fined, or stopped in public and their clothes could be cut up so they don't wear them anymore.

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