Former Armenian FM Resumes Career Through Being Social Media Influencer

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Despite the fact that over time, even the most radical forces in Armenia accepted Azerbaijan's liberation of Garabagh from occupation as a reality, some old and defunct Armenian politicians still try to grab the headlines with the claims of the so-called republic of artsakh.

Pashinyan's government, which is well-known due to its incompetence in politics, has expressed its interest in close cooperation with Azerbaijan several times. However, some old radical politicians in Armenia, who are loyal to terrorist thinking, blame the Armenian Prime Minister for such an intention and urge him to start a war again.

Vardan Oskanyan, the former foreign minister of Armenia, is one of those who hides behind the monitor and wants to find a place for himself again in the political arena with his speeches.

Under Robert Kocharyan's rule, this politician, who gained "reputation" for crimes such as bribery, corruption, falsification of documents, and money laundering, and was later kicked out of the political realm, is still trying to protect his derelict existence with baseless and illogical speeches he shares on Facebook.

Since the Second Garabagh War, the former minister, who criticised and even insulted Nikol Pashinyan almost once a month for his shameful defeat in the war, sees all the problems of Armenia in Pashinyan.

It is true that Pashinyan's dancing yalli in Azerbaijan's Shusha and the attempt to move the so-called parliament of the former separatist regime to Azerbaijan's cultural capital accelerated the war. However, we should not forget that Pashinyan took the country from the hands of Sargisyan, another corrupt politician and rednecks like him through the revolution.

In his speeches, Oskanyan often shows France as an example and claims that Armenia should benefit more from this country. But without a doubt, the only 'success' achieved by Armenia as a result of its closeness with France has been to strain the relations between Azerbaijan and France, to show its Armenian characteristics and to disrupt the relations of nations and countries.

Oskanyan also calls the Armenian people to war and states that peace is not the way out.

Although the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, has repeatedly stated that the Garabagh issue has already been resolved, blabbers like Oskanyan are not satisfied with the crushing defeat and dream of war in their world.

At a time when the world's attention is focused on what is happening in the Middle East, on serious and important events taking place in the region and the world, incompetent political figures like Vardan Oskanyan pop out in the headlines in this way and drag the Armenian people, who are still unable to recover from the pain of defeat, to the next disaster.

It is clear that this person, who was named in countless crimes during his activity, tried to escape from Armenia many times, embezzled millions of drams of Armenian money, and currently lives under the protection of the Armenian diaspora in the United States, was one of the first politicians who ran away and hid during the real war and did not speak out.

Now that it's all over, the old swindler thinks that someone will take him seriously and think he's wise to come up with silly speeches. It seems that Oskanyan, more than others, thinks Armenians are stupid enough to believe him.

The reality is that Armenian politicians do not want to see him on the political scene again as an undesirable person.

Last year, Vardan Oskanian's ridiculous speech entitled "I can solve the Garabagh issue in 3 months" is proof that the former politician is not satisfied with appropriating the wealth of his people for 15 years and begging the government for another 3 months.

Gevorg Papoyan, an Armenian MP and member of the ruling "Citizens' Contract" party, called his speech stupid and said that he would never allow Oskanyan to be in power.

Vardan Oskanyan's last "Slogan" was related to the liberation of 4 villages of Azerbaijan from the Armenian occupation. He demanded that Garabagh be granted autonomy in exchange for the return of 4 villages to Azerbaijan.

It seems that the former foreign minister has not only forgotten the rules of diplomacy, but has also lost his mind. Because his asking for the autonomy of the 4400 sq/km territory instead of 4 villages was not a proposal that a sane person would make.

Either Oskanyan wants to become an influencer by increasing the number of views on Facebook with bellicose sentiments, or he really has lost his mind.

Undoubtedly, the Armenian society is also aware of his character and illogical claims.

His attempt to find a place in the current government is nothing but an attempt to resurrect a rotten corpse.


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