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Thursday, 08 December 2022 07:46 GMT

The Beast of Masculinity

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By Firdous Bahar

“… Mard Tab Banay Ga,

Jab Tou Awra'tain Dabayah Ga,

Soch Yeh Rahi Tou Desh Jaldi Doob Jayay Ga.”

Transl. [For you will become the man,

Once you'll overpower women,

Surely, to raise t'is ideology

(in ourselves)

Will soon enough, subdue our nation.]

Well, I dread to take this venture to let the masculine gender know that it isn't that easy to scale the patience and weigh the capacity of women via the algorithms, theorems and formulas which men of diabolic character have manufactured to fathom the depth and resistance of women. All it needs is a man with a subtle-caliber. Nonetheless, what we do to her is indeed a heinous blot on the benign cloak of humanity.

However, men are always in the lurk to escape or to put it through the other way around in order to satiate their thirst of bestiality and shape their leering-concupiscent desires.

Truly, it's an obvious stance of a cross-sensuous dichotomy of 'abstract' and 'concrete'. The headlong plunge into the game of a carnal flesh, or, nowadays everyone puts it by the manner of a daily idle gibberish; immersed in the sea of roving indulgences- pure debauchery. It turns into gossip among relatives and gradually develops into dinner-talk betwixt affinity, fraternity and afterwards gets divulged among some talebearer friends in an argot, breaking in a direct narration,“I have spent a night on the precipice of Zabarwan [here it signifies the submissive woman] with the 'other' rather docile contestant”, she was as faithful as a cow. Ah!

Those moments with her were sulky enough to call her 'Pataka', 'Aafat' and some Hinglish constructs calling her a 'Rocket', fierce as a 'Silver Bullet', loaded as the Russian 'Tank' of lethal ammunition and similar words. From the parlance of a modern native Hinglish verbal-lexicography, these words have been constructed for the beauty of women, or, in a different context, to abuse them.

You are taking her for granted, as some kind of laboratory, where you can carry out your experiments. Hello! men of this caliber often fail and rot in a seething inferno, those who bear the trenchant malice in their bosom against women get roasted in an ever-burning Sulphur. The ones who always yell at them; the 'queens of bed, the decorum of kitchens, the comfort of blankets', so on and so forth, get caught-up in a quagmire-indissoluble and often end-up in a chaos and conundrum.

More and more, the above epithets that are forced upon a woman by men, reduce women to nothing but object, trash, junk, flesh and body. Women are seriously suffering and it's all on us — men — always brandishing the masculine-hammer over them like the mighty god Thor?

Crimes against women are as prevalent as ever, yet we, the self-styled“sensible beings” are mute-spectators of these regular episodes advertised by the beasts of masculinity regularly. Where women are maltreated, debunked and addressed negatively by in-humans of humanity — a heinous blot on the sanctimonious relationship of a husband and wife. They worship only intimacy in their bedrooms. They have their eyes only on the flesh of women. May Almighty protect us from this conventional, typical barbarity of men of this sort.

Not only this alone, some men go onto abandon women and deem them unfit for their sexual entertainment. But, as I call it, in contrast or in retaliation, 'she is fit and worthy' but you are not fine for her.

*The above rap lyrics are from the song of the Bollywood movie“Manto”, sung by the rapper Raftaar.

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  • The author has completed his Masters in English Literature from the University of Kashmir


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