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Friday, 28 January 2022 08:47 GMT

The Knowledge About CNC Gantry Drilling and Milling Machine

(MENAFN- GetNews) What is a CNC drilling and milling machine:

CNC drilling machines belong to metal cutting machine tools, with the functions of hole processing, drilling, tapping, boring and auxiliary milling. It is mainly used for high-efficiency drilling of flat plates, flanges, discs, rings, and other workpieces whose thickness is within the effective range.

Drilling through holes and blind holes can be realized on single material parts and composite materials. The machining process of the machine tool is digitally controlled, and the operation is very convenient. It can realize automation, high precision, multiple varieties, and mass production.

 CNC drilling and milling machine equipment structure

1. Bed:

The bed is an integral structural part, finished by secondary annealing treatment, with good dynamic and static rigidity and no deformation. The working table adopts a casting structure, and there is a T-slot with a reasonable finishing layout on the plane, which is used to clamp the workpiece. The drive system adopts AC servo motor and precision ball screw pair to drive on both sides to make the gantry move in the X-axis direction. Adjustable bolts are distributed on the bottom surface of the bed, which can easily adjust the level of the worktable of the bed.

2. Mobile type gantry:

The movable gantry is cast and processed by gray iron (HT250), and a pair of rolling linear guides with ultra-high capacity is installed on the front side of the gantry. The precision ball screw pair and servo motor make the powerhead slide move in the Y-axis direction, and the drilling powerhead is installed on the powerhead slide. The movement of the gantry is realized by the rotation of the ball screw driven by the servo motor through the precision coupling.

3. Moving sliding saddle:

The sliding saddle is a precision cast iron structure. The sliding saddle is equipped with two ultra-high load-bearing CNC guide rail slides, a set of precision ball screw pairs and a high-precision planetary reducer connected to the servo motor to drive the drilling power head Moving in the Z-axis direction can realize the power head fast forward, work forward, fast reverse, stop and other actions. It has the functions of automatic chip breaking, chip removal and pause.

4. Drilling power head

The drilling power head adopts a dedicated servo spindle motor, which is driven by a toothed synchronous belt deceleration to increase torque to drive a dedicated precision spindle. The spindle adopts the front four and the rear two six rows of Japanese angular contact bearings to achieve stepless speed change. The spindle is equipped with a pneumatic tool change system to make the tool The replacement is quick and easy, and the feed is driven by a servo motor and a ball screw. The X, Y, and Z axes can be linked and adopt semi-closed loop control to realize linear and circular interpolation functions.

CNC Drilling And Milling Machine advantage

1. Water out of the spindle:

It adopts Taiwan's Jianchun brand water outlet spindle and high-power servo spindle motor to drive the spindle through geared synchronous belt deceleration to increase torque. Can use high-speed U drill (violent drill) and core drill bit center water processing.

2. Clamper

The X and Y axes are equipped with high-performance functional components used in conjunction with a clamper and a rolling linear guide pair. Using the principle of wedge blocks, it has the functions of fixing the gantry, precise positioning, preventing vibration and improving rigidity. The structure is compact and powerful.

3. Linear guide and ball screw

It adopts Taiwan's Shangyin brand linear guide rail and TBI brand ball screw. The guide rails on both sides of the machine bed are installed vertically and parallel, and the force is even, ensuring stable machining and running of the machine.

4. Power head balance cylinder

There are two balance cylinders above the power head to balance the weight of the machine head. During the processing, the machine head is more stable, the smoothness of the hole is improved, and the wear on the Z-axis screw is reduced.

5. Chip removal system

There is a chain plate chip conveyor at the back of the machine tool. Use with a high-pressure water gun to quickly flush iron filings into the chip conveyor, which conveys the iron filings, saving time for manual cleaning of iron filings and reducing labor. The chip conveyor is equipped with a liquid level alarm lamp, which automatically alarms when the cutting fluid is insufficient.

Model Recommend


BOSM1600*1600 type high-speed gantry CNC drilling and milling machine has an effective processing stroke of 1600*1600, which is cost-effective equipment. The machine has a four-jaw self-centering worktable, which makes it easier and faster to clamp ring workpieces. The maximum drilling is 50, It can use high-speed internal water outlet drilling, milling planes, milling grooves, and other processing. The equipment can be equipped with a tool magazine to realize multiple processes in one clamping.


BOSM-2525 The split-type full-cast gantry type CNC high-speed drilling and milling machine series are mainly used for high-efficiency drilling of large plates, wind power structural parts, discs, engineering machinery structural parts, valves, tube sheets and other workpieces within the effective range. Milling. Drilling through holes and blind holes can be realized on single material parts and composite materials. The machining process of the machine tool is digitally controlled, and the operation is very convenient. In addition to conventional models, they can also be designed and customized according to the actual needs of users.

CNC drilling and milling machines are currently widely used in the valve industry, flange industry, explosion-proof electrical industry, wind power industry, textile machinery industry, construction machinery industry, machining industry, automotive industry, etc.


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