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Afghanistan- Necessary Lessons to Learn from the Moscow Conference

(MENAFN - Daily Outlook Afghanistan) The second MoscowConference has not only yielded any fruitful results, but also caused shame and possibly more turmoil.Those who repeatedly rushed into Moscow gates with too much eagerness and bowedto the enemies of the Afghan people should now learn important lessons from theinteractions with the Taliban. Many of the politicians thought that Taliban hadreached at Kabul gates under pretext of peace and as soon as possible theyneeded to specify their position and may get a place in the future government.Seemingly, all of our optimistic politicians thought that they could repeat theanarchism of the nineties with the help of the Taliban and other regionalactors.
In fact, those who have long struggled toreach such illegitimate dreams they see their personal and party interests inpolitical disorder and instability. Because when the conflicts of all happenagainst all, those who have spent their lives in instability and lawlessnesswill benefit more than others. Anyway, the second Moscow conference withpresence of prominent political figures from Afghanistan and Taliban underRussian control ended with no fruitful result but it taught good lessons to allstakeholders, especially political parties and government of Afghanistan.
The first lesson thatwe should learn from the futile Moscow meetings is not to rely on the powerthat has high demand and still have sweet plans in his head for Afghanistan.Russia as the legacy of the former Soviet Union is responsible for all today'sdevastation as the consequence of its aggression on Afghanistan; they are notonly dishonest to Afghanistan, but also trying to fill the place of the UnitedStates after the withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan. The old Moscowpoliticians are still in the era of the Cold War, and now, with the defeat ofthe United States in Afghanistan war, they see themselves in a historic victoryagainst the superpower of the West.
The historic conflictbetween the two superpowers has lasted for many years with mostly ended in thefavor of United Sates; now, once again Russia wants to compensate its historicdefeats in the past with legitimizing a group who are the killers of innocentschool children, men and women in the country. So, the old KGB workers and their Afghan colleagues dream a lot ofnightmare and having different desire these days and nights. It is notunreasonable that individuals such as Zamir Kablof and one of the Afghans whowere formerly one of the Khad missioner close to the Russian intelligencecommunity host such conference.
By the way, neitherAfghanistan and nor Russian close allies have good memory from its friendshipand commitment in the past; Looking at past history of relations between thetwo countries they always deceived Afghans and left us alone against otheraggressors and enemies. They have also applied the same policy against itsclose strategic allies Iran. Recently, Putin indirectly pointed to Iran thatRussia is not fire extinguisher to put out every ignited fire referring toresolving the conflicts happened between Iran and United States.

The second lesson,especially for the politicians who are likely unsatisfied from the currentleadership of the Afghan government, is that with dissented voices againstenemy we will not have any achievement rather it would end up with humiliation.Because those are hidden behind Taliban they have been their supporter and themain driver of war and conflicts in the country.Therefore, they have are wellexperienced and know all the political factions of Afghanistan like the palm oftheir hand, and so it does not seem that the time has come to prefer others tothe Taliban. Though some of the elders have miscalculated when the peace talksbetween the United States and the Taliban accelerated, but by now they musthave learned that the realization of this dream is too early.
The third and moreimportant lesson for all political factions, including the Afghan government isto decisively fight and firmly stand against armed groups who kill people anddestroy the country. People do not deserve to go under terror and violencetolerating mediaeval way of life after 18 years of sacrifices. The Taliban havealso shown that they will never retreat from their inhumane demands. At thelast meeting with Khalilzad, they raised their main demand and repeated thesame thing in the Moscow conference. Their main goal is to establish theIslamic Emirate system and make inhumane constraints on the people ofAfghanistan something that nobody is willing to accept that.
The Taliban, whilesitting behind the negotiating table, are not ready to accept even one daycease-fire and successively carry out suicide attacks on innocent people ofAfghanistan. Their latest example of attacks carried out on Marshall Fahim Universityand multiple attacks in the western part of Kabul today. With these attacksespecially attacks on mosques, schools, hospitals, markets and other civilianplaces they divulged their true nature. They showed that neither they are loyalto Islamic values and nor to national interests, but they are only loyal to theintelligence networks of regional countries. Therefore, the only possible wayis to insist on maintaining the political system, constitution, human rightsand the past achievements.
And finally, theAfghan international allies should also learn a lesson that Taliban will not bea better partner than government and people of Afghanistan. They should staycommitted to what they have signed as a strategic friendship with governmentand people of Afghanistan. The world, especially the future generation willdetermine our friendship on the basis of what we build today.


Afghanistan- Necessary Lessons to Learn from the Moscow Conference

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