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Nicolas Kimaz for Congress in Florida, 22nd District to Replace Ted Deutch

(MENAFN Editorial) Florida - Over the years, political posts have been a seat for contention, with the electorates voting into office the best candidates who are expected to represent the interest of the masses, while aiming to bring positive changes and improved livelihood to the electorates represented. However, this may not necessarily be so, as in some cases, some politicians fail to see the bigger picture in fighting for the masses after gaining entry into office. To better serve the individuals of Florida, Nicolas Kimaz has joined the race for the Florida Congress, with the aim to deliver quality representation, while making choices which will positively affect the represented electorates.

Giving a brief description of the man of the people, Nicolas Kimaz, the spokesperson for the Nicolas Kimaz campaign and support group said, 'Nicolas Kimaz is a successful health entrepreneur, life coach, and tv & film producer. He immigrated from Lebanon to the United States in 1978 at age 15, to escape the life of a child soldier, where Civil War had torn society apart. Nicolas' life is proof that the American dream still exists and that America is the land of opportunity for all. Nicolas is a man with a plan to, ‘Heal America Now'. Today, Nicolas lives with his lovely wife, Nada, and their three children in Boca Raton, Florida.

Being a successful businessman, orator, life coach, and tv producer, Nicolas Kimaz has, over the years, related with the masses, while understanding their pressing needs and the areas which need reform for a better Florida society. In addition, Nicolas Kimaz is running for , in the 22nd district to replace Ted Deutch, with the aim of restoring the traditional American values to a rather broken Washington, D.C. area. The campaign promises made by Nicolas Kimaz are aimed at restoring the kind of values which will restore America as the greatest nation on Earth.

Nicolas Kimaz, burning with the passion to represent individuals for a positive change, has agendas in the various areas of livelihood, which requires reforms. Some of the areas of interest identified by the politician include job provision and security, health care, immigration, freedom of religion, education, freedom of speech, defense, refugees, and terrorism. Nicolas Kimaz also identifies himself as America's first, conservative Republican running for Congress in Florida's 22nd congressional district. The politician is a liberal democrat who cares more about appeasing the special interest in the democratic party than representing the constituents. Visit the campaign's website at .

Aiming to represent Florida's 22nd congressional district, which was terrorized by the sad school shooting incident which occurred on February 14, 2018, Nicolas Kimaz is calling on the masses and good people of Florida to stand up for their rights, by volunteering to help heal the nation or donate to send Nicolas to Washington.

To donate or volunteer as part of the Nicolas Kimaz campaign and support group, interested individuals can contact the Nicolas Kimaz for Congress campaign committee via their hotline at (954) 247-1839, or via email at . For additional information, visit the campaign's website address at .

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Nicolas Kimaz for Congress in Florida, 22nd District to Replace Ted Deutch

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