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Algerians Urge Algerian Govt to Expel Iranian Cultural Attaché

(MENAFN - Morocco World News) Iran's Cultural Attaché to Algeria Amir Al-Moussawi, Rabat – Algerian officials and activists have been urging recently the Algerian government to expel Iran 's Cultural Attaché to Algeria, Amir Al-Moussawi, for his alleged 'dangerous and suspicious' actions in the country.

The online animosity against the Iranian official comes only six days after Morocco's decision to cut ties with Iran for its involvement in the country's internal affairs.

On Thursday, Morocco's government spokesperson, Mustapha El Khalfi , announced that Morocco is in possession of evidence verifying collusion between Hezbollah and a member of the Iranian embassy to Algiers who carries an Iranian diplomatic passport.

The alleged member, according to El Khalfi, facilitated communication and meetings between Iranian ally, Hezbollah, and Algerian military officials and provided them with all logistical facilities to travel to Tindouf camps and meet Polisario officials.

International news sources, including Algerian news outlets , have pointed out the connection between recent Moroccan-Iranian tension and the 'suspicious' actions carried out by Al-Moussawi in the country.

Former Algerian officer Nawar Abdel Malik believes that Al-Moussawi is the cause of the new tension between Tehran and Rabat.

'Since 2015, we have been warning Algeria from the Iranian embassy, but the Algerian authorities have ignored this, despite serious information we have presented in our campaigns against Amir al-Moussawi, because of his suspicious activities in a diplomatic crisis with Morocco,' said the former officer.

'Whatever the extent of disagreement between the rulers of Algeria and Morocco on various issues, especially the Sahara issue, they must unite against Iran's destructive project targeting the Maghreb identity and works to destabilize the Maghreb national security. The damage will affect Rabat, Algeria, Tunisia, Nouakchott, and all North African countries,' he added.

Former Algerian adviser to the Minister of Religious Affairs Adda Fellahi commented on al-Moussawi's alleged moves in the country, and urged the Algerian authorities to expel the Iranian official for the benefit of Algeria's interests.

The official wrote on his Facebook: 'I think that – in order to preserve the public interest, it is necessary for the Cultural Attaché of the Iranian embassy to personally initiate [the process], and ask to be relieved of his duties and his position. '

According to the Algerian official, the Iranian's actions 'have become a source of concern and pose many critical and embarrassing questions, even for Algeria's security interests.'

The Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Bourita, voiced Morocco's decision to cut relations with Iran on May 1, explaining that Hezbollah offered military training to the members of Polisario in the Tindouf camps in Algeria.

In an attempt to deny its implication, Algeria summoned Morocco's ambassador to Algiers and condemned Bourita's statements. Algeria's reaction, however, did not take Morocco by surprise. The Moroccan Foreign Affairs Ministry issued a statement a day after its announcement to cut ties with Iran, saying that 'it understands Algeria's embarrassment,' as Morocco has documented proof that demonstrates Hezbollah's connection with the Algerian-backed Polisario.


Algerians Urge Algerian Govt to Expel Iranian Cultural Attaché


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