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Malawi's CCAP Nkhoma Synod Pastoral letter tears apart DPP, opposition parties' poor leadership,,,demand passing of electoral bills

(MENAFN - The Maravi Post) LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The country's Central Church of African Presbyterian (CCAP) Nkhoma Synod on Sunday through its pastoral letter take to task the governing Democratic Progress Party (DPP) and opposition parties for poor leadership which has impinged citizens further sufferings. 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    LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The country's Central Church of African Presbyterian (CCAP) Nkhoma Synod on Sunday through its pastoral letter take to task the governing Democratic Progress Party (DPP) and opposition parties for poor leadership which has impinged citizens further sufferings.

    The Synod has accused its members of being part of poor governance that has led to plunder of public resources.

    The church which read the pastoral letter in all in churches across the nation has therefore urged DPP government to bring back all the electoral reforms bills to Parliament for approval arguing that Malawians spoke well on them.

    Below is the full pastoral letter;


    The CCAP Nkhoma Synod leadership wishes every member the renewal of life, love and happiness. 8TH APRIL, 2018

    May the grace, mercy and peace from God the Father, Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, and the Holy Spirit the Advocate of our Faith be with you all during this Easter.
    We, the clergy of the CCAP Nkhoma Synod, met at Lilongwe CCAP on 6th April, 2018, and noted with great shock and deep concern on the issues that are harmfully affecting the livelihood of our members and Malawians in general. Our country is no longer the warm heart of Africa that it used to be. Societal decay has permeated all areas of our society like spiritual decadence; social and cultural values, child marriages, abortion, same sex marriages, and low quality education; governance; elections and electoral reforms; environmental degradation and climate change.

    The main purpose of this pastoral letter is to bring awareness and to encourage Christians to remain salt and light in the evil and croocked world… (Matthew 5:13-14).

    1.1 Warning Members against False Teaching and Prophecy
    The CCAP Nkhoma Synod understands and acknowledges that there are true prophets and teachers of the Word of God. However, the Synod has also observed with dismay the unprecedented growth and proliferation of false teachers who teach false doctrines and prophets that perform counterfeit miracles (Luke 21:8). The Word of God warns the faithfuls to beware of false prophets, who come in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves (Matthew 7:15). 2 Peter 2:3 says: 'In their greed these teachers will exploit you with fabricated stories. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping' (NIV). Righteousness and holiness are key to prosperity. The Holy Scripture
    teaches us all to rely on God and also to work hard (2 Thessalonians 3:10). Therefore, the Synod leadership warns all members against false teachings and prophecies. We urge our members to remain faithful to the truth and teaching of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. As Christians, our manifesto should be to seek first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and the rest will follow (Matthew 6:33). Let us remember to read and meditate on the Word of God, (Joshua 1:8) and pray ceaselessly (1 Thessalonians 5:17). God expects us to live a righteous life at all times, places and in every situation. He wants us to be perfect because He, Himself is perfect (Matth. 5:48).
    1.2 Warning Christians against Spiritual Decay
    The Synod leadership is concerned with the rampant spiritual decadence in our mother Malawi. Spiritual decay is mostly driven by the desire for materialism and worldly pleasures leading to love for money sexual
    immorality, idol worship, hunger for fame and power, hatred, and pride. It is very pathetic to note that immoral behaviour has crept into the Church at all levels with some discernible successes.
    Malawi has a population of over 80% that are Christians. To our dismay most of the cash-gate, tractor gate, maizegate and all gates offenders include Christians. They lack the moral worth of the fruit of the Holy Spirit
    (Gal. 5:22 – 23b). Therefore, we urge you all members to resist and
    overcome every form of temptation that may lead you to sin. You are the
    salt and light of the world.
    2. SOCIAL
    2.1 Food Management
    During the 2017/2018 farming season, Malawi has experienced dry spells across the country as well as flash floods and fall armyworms, which have negatively affected farm produce. The decline in crop
    production, especially for maize which is Malawi's staple food, will
    obviously compromise the country's food security. As such, we would like to call upon all members to properly manage the little they have harvested. Members are advised to prepare food just enough for the family to avoid wastage. Members are also encouraged to practice food diversification. Those that have land along riverbanks should immediately start irrigation
    farming. As Christians, we need to share with those that are in need.
    Furthermore, members should only sell surplus yield to honest traders.

    The Synod leadership has noted with great concern government's total failure to protect the poor rural farmers, from wicked private traders who are brutally exploiting them. In 2017, rural farmers were mercilessly exploited by private traders who were purchasing farm produce at very low price. As this was not enough, government opened ADMARC with sporadic and insufficient funding when most farmers were already swindled. We urge our faithfuls who are in decision or advisory making positions in government to do things right.

    The Synod's humble advice to the government includes:
    1. We applaud the government for setting a minimum price of maize because it is a crop that is in a class of its own. However the enforcement of the policy is weak, for instance:
    a) In 2017 the minimum price was K170 per kg. However, the government failed to enforce the policy which led to dishonest traders buying as low as K50 per kg.
    b) NFRA were buying at K130 per kg instead of the government set minimum price. We, therefore, call upon the Government to do the right thing by enforcing its policy.
    c) The Government should provide enough funds to ADMARC good time and inspect selling points to curb all corruption and theft by employees who are exploiting the poor villagers.

    2. The government should make sound decisions on food production, and food security in order to avert imminent hunger.
    2.2 Family related issues
    The leadership has observed with great concern that the devil has launched a serious attack on the family in Malawi, hence the moral decay. As a church, we believe that the family is a mini church. If things are not well in the family, the church is always affected negatively. The church leadership would like to bring to your attention the following:
    2.2.1. Child Marriages
    About 49.9% of our girls do not enjoy their girlhood rights. Most girls enter into marriage before the age of 18. The Constitution of Malawi prohibits marriage before the age of 18. The Synod leadership pleads with all members to see to it that girls are not getting married before the age of 18. Most of the girls who are getting married young are our own members and relations. As such, we all have a responsibility to end early child marriages. Let us therefore, take a lead in collaborating with the community leaders and all government arms to end child marriages. We urge all parents, church elders, church ministers and all who matter within the church to be at watch to check out child marriages.

    2.2.2. Abortion
    The position of the Synod leadership on legalising abortion remains
    unchanged, that it is evil before God and unethical to intentionally
    terminate the life of anybody including the unborn child. To deliberately destroy an innocent human being at any point after conception is, in God's eyes wrong, evil, barbaric, and satanic. This is because killing in any form and at any stage is prohibited by the Bible; 'You shall not murder'.
    The Church would like to emphasise that no civilised society permits one human being to intentionally harm or take the life of another human being without punishment, and abortion is no exception. This is the case because we are aware that some nations are legalising abortion. As Synod, we cannot tolerate such acts encroaching onto our society under our watch as the Church of God in Malawi and followers of Jesus Christ. As we reflect on what Paul says in Galatians 1:15 'God in His grace chose me even before I was born and called me to serve Him'. Also see Genesis 25:23 (cf. Matth. 1:21). Therefore, abortion totally contradicts God's plan for human beings.

    2.2.3. Same Sex Marriage
    The Word of God condemns same sex marriages, along with all other sins. Every sin is punishable before God and we therefore, categorically reject the legalization of same sex marriages because any violations of these tenets as recorded in the Bible invites curses no matter how clever, developed or educated a nation may be (see Genesis 19:4-28, Proverbs 21:30).
    The Bible warns that people should not defile themselves in any of these ways, because this is how the nation is morally decayed (Lev. 18:22-25).

    2.2.4. Faithfulness in marriage
    There is an alarming scale of marriage breakdown in the Malawian
    society today due to unfaithfulness of marriage partners. Sadly, not even the church-wedded marriages are spared from this immorality. There are reports from all over the synod of cases relating to divorce among our members including those in leadership positions in our congregations. It is also generally observed that among the cases in our congregations' disciplinary Sessions are those of elopement. It is probably evils like this that promote unfaithfulness. We plead with all church leaders in all congregations to help church counsellors in the fight against all sorts of sexual immorality promoted by the wind of modernity in our society.

    2.3. Education
    Education is key to the development of every person, family, church and nation. Members are therefore encouraged to put and retain their
    children in school. Adults who do not know how to read and write must register with adult literacy school. On the other hand, members who are part of government machinery in education sector must aim at improving the standards of education in Malawi. It is obvious that teachers who are frustrated due to poor condition of service cannot deliver quality education. As such the government must improve their welfare by paying them better salaries and all their arrears on time.
    To our dismay, after 53 years of independence, literacy rate remains very low in Malawi. Children across the country are still learning under the tree, which is negatively, affecting their learning during adverse weather conditions.

    The Synod is grieved to note that university students are taking long to complete their courses in public universities. Members must, therefore, seriously pray that government should be able to find lasting solutions to persisting misunderstandings in public universities because the period for students to complete their courses is becoming uncertain. Members must also pray that the unfulfilled promises of the government in constructing new universities be implemented without fail because the number of learners
    who qualify to access tertiary education is overwhelmingly increasing every year.
    The Synod is also concerned with the power outages in the country which is also affecting learners in schools and universities. Members must pray that the government should seriously pay attention to education sector at all levels in order to create a conducive environment for learning.

    3.1 Leadership
    John Maxwell said that everything rises and falls on leadership. We have observed that Malawi is lacking selfless political leaders who have the interests of people at heart. Leadership is a calling to serve others. It is, therefore, unethical for leaders to serve their personal interests or the interests of their ethnic groups, or political followers. We note with regret that the current leaders have put their personal interests and the interests of their political cronies above national interests. Unfortunately, some of our members whom God entrusted with the opportunity to be salt and light to the world have failed to demonstrate leadership values that can please God.

    We noted with great concern that some of our members reduced
    themselves to become instruments used to jeopardise the enactment of some crucial bills in parliament that could have benefitted Malawians. For example the Electoral Reform Bills, the private Member's Bill on the Independence of Anti-Corruption Bureau, among others, were frustrated by some of our members who are Parliamentarians. Currently Malawi is experiencing a number of things that are going amiss, and yet there are considerable numbers of people who claim to be Christians in all arms of the government. For instance, nepotism is still rampant in the country which is negatively affecting the holistic approach towards developing the nation; cash-gate and plundering of public resources continue unabated; uncontrolled misuse and abuse of state enterprises like ESCOM, MBC, and ADMARC; and persistent power outage. To cover up for the failures and hoodwink Malawians that government is doing something, the leadership embarked on continuous laying of foundation stones for assorted projects without any noticeable progress.

    We have observed that Churches and faith organizations that provide constructive criticisms are deemed supporters of opposition parties. The Synod would like to urge its members to seriously pray for the leadership of this country to refrain from advancing self interests and start leading with integrity. We believe that it is never too late to mend.

    3.2 Transparency and Accountability
    The Synod leadership laments the weak transparency and accountability in the management of the country's national affairs. Transparency and accountability are important pillars of democracy. As Synod, we have the right, as citizens of Malawi, to know how decisions affecting us are made; how contracts are awarded; and how national resources including financial resources are distributed. For instance, the process for procuring generators by the Electricity Generation Company (EGENCO) attests to this fact. Worse still the generators have not brought any change. There have also been questionable compensations/payout to favoured political officials that tow the ruling party line. For instance, the initial allocation of K4 billion constituency development fund (CDF) to the 86 Members of Parliament that voted against the electoral reform bill is one of the examples. Earnestly, we are surprised that government could allocate the money that it found 'somewhere' through the MPs some of which are on record to abuse the CDF resources. We are pleading with members of our church who are in the position of authority to be honest, transparent, and accountable first to God and to the people they serve.

    3.3 Compromised Opposition
    It will be remiss on the part of the CCAP Nkhoma Synod not to express fears on the manner the opposition handled the issue of the K4 billion initially allocated to 86 Members of Parliament who are believed to be allies of the ruling party. The opposition has an important role to play in a representative democracy. It provides oversight functions and scrutinises all the decision of the government; and holds the government accountable to the public. The opposition should not compromise their integrity. We would like to implore all members of our church who are in parliament, both in government and opposition parties to demonstrate their Christian values by serving the interests of the people and playing their legitimate role in National Assembly of ensuring that public finances are properly used and accounted for.

    3.4 Endemic Corruption
    The rampant, uncontrolled, and endemic corruption in Malawi remains a puzzle because most of the people in key leadership position starting from the cabinet, members of parliament, senior managers,
    middle - managers down to the ground labourers are Christians. Corrupt practices have permeated all government ministries, departments, agencies and also in private institutions and companies and there seems to be no strong measures being put in place to address such malpractices. We are pleading with all members of our church to desist from all forms of corruption at all levels. Remember that we shall stand before God to give account on what we have done during our time on earth.

    Police investigation processes become endless for decades. For example, the Chasowa and Njaunju cases, which let culprits roam free and even commit more crimes. It is not a secret that people who are connected to the ruling party are sparingly facing the law even if they can be involved in squandering the Government's resources. As Malawians, we should not forget that 'Justice delayed is justice denied.' We would, however, wish to commend government for transferring 67 files to the Anti-Corruption Bureau for scrutiny. We hope that this will not be used as an elections campaign agenda. We, therefore, call upon our members to pray for government to support the Bureau by providing adequate finances that can be used to conclude the investigations.

    The Synod leadership is, therefore, pleading with all its members to earnestly pray for the end of corruption in Malawi.

    3.5. Exploitation of Chiefs in Party Politics
    Traditional leaders who fear God are a blessing to their communities. As a Church, we respect all our traditional leaders because we believe that they are not chosen by chance or by accident, but God appointed them to those positions. Based on this, we appreciate the role our chiefs play in maintaining peace and order which are crucial for the economic development of this country. However, of late, we have noted with dismay and despondency that many chiefs are being enticed into party politics and exploited. There are certain chiefs who seem to have lost direction in as far as their roles are concerned. While we accept the fact that chiefs need to work with the government, but they are not politicians, and they must at all levels avoid political tone and colours. Traditional Chiefs are supposed to be apolitical and non-partisan because they reign over people of different political colours and shades. In a democracy, not all citizens belong to the same party.

    Therefore, if chiefs are actively involved in politics, it might lead to divisions in their communities, affects community development, and erodes people's respect for them. This goes contrary to the expectations Malawians have that chiefs are a uniting force in communities. It is sad that other chiefs have openly campaigned for the governing party, and their elevation to the status of Chief, Senior Chief even Paramount Chief has been unethical. The Church has noted with
    concern that some chiefs in the multiparty dispensation have been abused, manipulated, and have lost their focus; and might also lose their dignity and integrity.

    The CCAP leadership is therefore appealing with traditional leaders at all levels who are Christians to set a good example. Let us join hands in praying for our chiefs not to be enticed by money, material or promises to elevate them in exchange of their loyalty to politicians.

    3.6. Justice
    The Synod is pleased to note that most of the people who are working in judiciary are God-fearing. However, there is dire need to improve the performance of the criminal justice system in the country. Let us pray that Government should ensure that the criminal justice system is more effective by improving the processes involved in investigating, prosecuting, and trying offenders, and this should apply to everyone regardless of the tribe, religion, and/or political affiliation. The Judicial system should be accessible, relevant, available to serve, and responsible for providing procedural fairness in every case, which seems not to be the case currently.

    Sentencing should be reviewed and guidelines produced. The media is awash with news that someone who has stolen a chicken is meted the same sentence with someone who has stolen billions of Malawi Kwacha. Such type of sentencing cannot deter the would-be criminals. The Synod recognises the importance of justice as a God given and constitutional right; and would like to encourage its members who are working in the justice system/sector to remain the salt and light of the world.

    4.1 Elections
    The Synod has noted that the polling day for the 2019 Tripartite Elections will be on 21 May, 2019. All eligible voters will go to the polls to elect the President, Members of Parliament, and Local Ward Councillors. The Malawi Electoral Commission will commence registration of eligible voters on 24 May, 2018 to 30 August, 2018. It will be done in six phases. We are reliably informed that an eligible voter will register if s/he has a national identity card. We would like to encourage all our members to
    obtain a nation ID; and register as voters when the registration commences in their respective areas. All members should keep their voting documents safe, and not to allow political crooks to buy them. We are aware that during polling day there is huge voter apathy which leads to wrong people being voted into power. The leadership therefore, implores every member of our church to pray for free, fair, credible, and transparent elections; and vote during the polling day.

    4.2 Electoral Reforms
    The CCAP Nkhoma Synod would like to applaud the Government of Malawi for initiating the process of reforming electoral laws; and all Malawians for effectively participating in the electoral law reform
    process. The Synod views the reform of electoral laws as an important ingredient in democracy consolidation. We, however, lament the failure of the National Assembly to seriously discuss and pass the recommended amendments into law. We know that this is happening because of leaders who are for self-aggrandisement.

    We believe that the recommendation of the Special Law Commission on Electoral Laws, constituted by the
    Malawi Government, reflected the general will of the people of Malawi. As representatives of the people, the honourable Members of Parliament should have respected the popular will of the people by endorsing the reforms and enacting them into law.

    The Synod leadership feels that Malawi missed the opportunity to pass the electoral reforms bills,
    especially the 50%+1, which was vital for the acceptability and legitimacy of the elected State President. Political leaders should know that electoral reforms were not targeting anybody but were for the good of the country's democracy and development. We, therefore, urge the government to bring back the bills for the scrutiny of the National Assembly and pass them into law.

    The CCAP Nkhoma Synod urges all its members to pray that people who will be voted into power will be those that:
    1. Are God-fearing
    2. Have no records of corruption, and that they do not have the spirit of nepotism, tribalism, and regionalism.
    3. Are not liars, but people who make good promises and fulfill them.
    4. Do not defend thieves and promote cash-gate to benefit their political
    5. Have genuine concerns in uplifting the life of poor people.
    6. Will use public resources not as their own personal properties and force state enterprises to finance activities of the political party.
    7. Will respect the constitution of Malawi and implement good policies that are in place.
    8. Will promote justice without fear or favor.
    9. Value quality things (quality infrastructure, quality education, quality health services etc.)
    10. Will not promote abortion and same sex marriages. People who can speak openly and make their stand known to everyone.
    11. When in leadership do not ask for kickbacks from investors for their party or families.
    12. Will not reduce our respected traditional authorities to puppets.
    13. Will not encourage private traders to exploit our poor rural farmers.
    Time of taking Malawians for granted is over, watch out against selfish politicians who want to win our votes in exchange of handouts. Do not
    receive their handouts and do not vote for them.

    The Synod is concerned with the speedy degradation of the environment, especially the illegal and wanton felling of trees for timber, brick burning and charcoal, especially in Chikangawa and Dzalanyama Forests. The rate at which trees are cut down for charcoal and timber is higher than the rate at which trees are replaced thereby contributing to speedy environmental degradation. The Synod would like to commend the
    Government of Malawi for its efforts to create environmental awareness. However, to arrest the wanton cutting down of trees, government should provide alternative business opportunities for charcoal producers and sellers. It should make other sources of energy like electricity cheaper in order to shift people's reliance on charcoal for energy to electricity.

    Consider new investment in cement production to reduce the price of cement and encourage construction to use cement blocks. We have also observed that many people are silent on issues of the
    environmental conservation. Many members of the church rarely participate in tree planting events. The Synod would, therefore, like to urge and encourage its members to preach holistic messages. Church members are also encouraged to care for the environment including good farm management. Furthermore, Congregations and their members should be participating in annual tree planting events. We call upon individual Christians to plant trees around their surroundings; and should desist from engaging in charcoal business. We should remember God put us in charge of the world as stewards to take care of it not to destroy it. Let us be good stewards.

    The CCAP Nkhoma Synod would like to appeal to its members to take issues raised in this pastoral letter very seriously and take action wherever they are responsible considering that they will give an account of what they are doing before God as individuals. As a Synod, we take responsibility to follow – up and update our members on progress of the issues raised in the letter. You are the salt and the light of Malawi.

    We wish you a blessed easter; receive grace, mercy and peace from God our Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Amen

    Rev. Biziwick C. K. Nkhoma Rev. A. D. K. Saka


    Malawi's CCAP Nkhoma Synod Pastoral letter tears apart DPP, opposition parties' poor leadership,,,demand passing of electoral bills


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