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A Novel Reveals the Inner Lives of Sci-Fi Fans -- New Door Books

(MENAFN Editorial) -- What makes sci-fi fans tick? , a new novel by Miriam Seidel published by New Door Books, reveals the inner lives of fans—their passionate connection to imagined worlds, the joys of cosplay (dressing up as characters in their beloved shows), and the bonding rituals that bring them together at meetings and Cons.

Mindy Vogel, the novel's main character, is a young woman with spina bifida, getting around in a wheelchair, living with her mother. And she runs a kickass fanzine. On the inside, she lives a parallel life as SkyLog officer Kat Wanderer, traveling star systems while carrying on a romance with Roi, a strangely compelling cyborg. This is a comfortable life for Mindy as far as it goes. But when she loses control of her fan club, she's propelled on a journey into a different, scarier fan subculture, where she ultimately finds relationships that expand her mind and heart.

Miriam Seidel, a lifelong sci-fi fan, was inspired to write the novel by attending Cons for fans of an influential TV franchise. "I just loved the whole thing," she says, "all this pure passion, the fans themselves, and especially how they got dressed up! It felt like a kind of communion with like-minded people, and with the show." She admits to dragging her young son along to Cons, using him as a cover for her own attraction to that world. Today more than ever, she notes, fan culture has a huge influence on mainstream culture—and on the inner life of people of all ages.

a novel by Miriam Seidel
New Door Books / April 2018 / Fiction / 268 pages
paperback / 6" x 9" / $16.95
Territory: World
ISBN 978-0-9995501-0-6

Doug Gordon, New Door Books



A Novel Reveals the Inner Lives of Sci-Fi Fans -- New Door Books



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