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Morocco- Fez to Build Waste-to-Energy Processing Facility

(MENAFN - Morocco World News) Rabat – Fez' Municipal Council met Thursday to discuss various points related to the city's management, including the increasing leachate discharge from which the city's inhabitants have been suffering.

To remedy the city's heightened concern with sewage and the toxic smell it generates, the Municipal Council has proposed the establishment of a facility for processing toxic leachate, which will also be producing energy for the city.

The project is set to cost MAD million 118.73, and will be realized through the joint efforts of the municipality of Fez, the Ministry of Interior, and the General Secretariat at the Ministry for Energy, Mines and Sustainable Development.

The project, which was agreed upon and adopted yesterday, will receive a MAD million 10 contribution from the state General Secretariat in charge of Sustainable Development. It is also said that the Project is a part of a border initiative of liquid sanitation in Fez.

On the sidelines of the energy production project, another deal pertaining to the restoration of drainage channels was signed.

The project will consist in renewing the existing channels, extending the areas they cover from 6,370 m to 8,535m, and expanding the sludge sewage and contaminated water processing station.

This final project is estimated to require an investment of MAD million400 for a period of five years. It will be financed by the Ministry of Interior (MAD million 40), the General Secretariat for Sustainable Development (MAD million 60), and the Regie Autonome Intercommunale de Distribution D'Eeu et D'Eelctricite de Fes (RADEEF)—the city's organization in charge of the distribution of water and electricity (MAD million 300).


Morocco-  Fez to Build Waste-to-Energy Processing Facility

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