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Kuwait- Driver in the 1st vehicle guilty in 4-car accident

(MENAFN - Arab Times) FOUR cars got into an accident … How do you solve it? Who is responsible?

Let us say you were driving on the highway when the car in front of you stopped suddenly, forcing you to avoid an accident by stepping on the brakes abruptly but the one driving the car at the back did not react as fast as you did so his car crashed into your car, then the car after that car and so forth. When the one behind you hit your car, your car moved forward and unfortunately it hit the car in front of you. Although you focused on the road, your car still crashed into the car in front of you and got stuck in a four-vehicle collision.

In most of such complicated accidents, the one who did not commit a mistake takes the blame and that is you — the car which got stuck in a four-vehicle collision. I have received many questions regarding similar situations and how to deal with them.

When an investigator from the police station asks an expert to examine the cars to determine who is at fault, it takes about a week for the expert to issue the report. Legally, you can file a re-examination request if you think the report is erroneous.

According to the law, the one driving the first car is responsible for such an accident — the car that stepped on the brakes suddenly for no reason. The driver must know the traffic laws and be responsible for the consequences of violating these laws. It might look like he is not responsible at the beginning as the car behind hit his car, but stepping on the brakes for no reason definitely caused the accident.


By Atyab Alshatti, Esq.


Kuwait- Driver in the 1st vehicle guilty in 4-car accident

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