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CUTV News Radio welcomes back Dr. Victoria Mondloch

(MENAFN Editorial) CUTV News Radio welcomes back Dr. Victoria Mondloch

WAUKESHA, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, February 2, 2018 // -- Teenagers test the waters each day: is it safer today to be a kid or do I feel empowered and strong enough to behave like I'm an adult? Every adolescent experiences this internal conflict, so we often dismiss their behavior as simply teenagers being teenagers.

But the experience of adolescent girls is decidedly different from that of their male classmates. These adolescent girls, who are beginning their reproductive health journey have lots of questions and they are searching for and want answers and they want those answers NOW. Parents have less quality time with their family to be able to share their knowledge, so if they're not getting answers from their physician or their parents, they're going to go to their next-best source: the internet or their best friend. Is that the source that you trust?

Dr. Victoria Mondloch is a practicing physician with 30 years of experience specializing in women's health, family medicine and preventive health and wellness. An OBGYN by training, Dr. Mondloch describes herself as a wellness physician, and she partners with her patients to deliver the best healthcare possible.

'My paradigm is to teach women, starting as early as adolescence, that hormonal balance is the baseline of your health,' says Dr. Mondloch.

Dr. Mondloch offers a total, teaching, empowered approach that creates a partnership between mothers and daughters.

'We're educating the teen while at the same time preparing mom to be a mentor,' says Dr. Mondloch. 'We include mom as an expert who has not only already gone through this but may also be going through it again with the hormone swings of perimenopause. Suddenly mom is a sage, a trusted friend, an ally.'

According to Dr. Mondloch, women are considered second-class citizens when it comes to healthcare, and it begins the moment girls have their first period.

'I am passionate because I feel especially in women's health that women are kept in the dark. They have less of a voice than men do in their own healthcare and are given few options of how to handle symptoms that happen to them,' says Dr. Mondloch. 'Many times the only option that is offered is birth control pills without any explanation as to what the diagnosis is, what the hormones levels are that go along with that diagnosis and what else they can do. No matter what age they are, my approach is to educate the patient about their own healthcare. I'm passionate because I personally feel that knowledge is power and knowledge about your healthcare is a right. It's not a privilege to know what your body is doing; it's a right.'

CUTV News Radio will feature Dr. Victoria Mondloch in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on February 6th at 12pm and with Jim Masters on February 13th at 12pm EST.

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CUTV News Radio welcomes back Dr. Victoria Mondloch


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