Sunday, 25 August 2019 05:57 GMT

Al Azhar: Palestinian uprising must be funded

(MENAFN)Egypt's top Muslim clerics urged wealthy Arabs and Muslims to financially support the new Palestinian uprising stirred by US President Donald Trump's recognition of Occupied Jerusalem as Israel"s capital.

The Council of Senior Scholars, which is Sunni Islam's influential centre of learning, and an affiliate of Al Azhar, late Tuesday denounced Trump's latest decision, calling it "arrogant and historically false".

"Such decisions will change nothing on the real ground. Jerusalem is Palestinian, Arab and Islamic." the council stated following an emergency meeting chaired by Grand Shaikh of Al Azhar Ahmad Al Tayyib.

Al Azhar also confirmed that it will hold a major conference on Jerusalem on January 17-18 in Cairo with participation of Christian clergy.


Al Azhar: Palestinian uprising must be funded

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