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Email Leak Reveals Trump Syria Attack Subject Of Great Concern In Las Vegas

(MENAFN Editorial) FBI, Foreign Leaders, And Intelligence Agencies Fear It's A Green Light For Terrorists.

Stunning emails and voicemails sent to publisher Jerome Almon indicate that President Donald Trump's Syria Tomahawk attack has led to a flurry of terrorism preparation in Las Vegas, Canada, and Europe. Almon has released a stunning series of FBI voicemails and emails from the mayor of Las Vegas concerning a known terrorist plot against Sin City on his new media site.

According to FOX, CBS, NBC, and ABC news affiliates in Las Vegas, ISIS verified the plot through a June 2016 video release following the Orlando Pulse nightclub attack executed by Omar Mateen. Almon has been contacted bythe FBI (due to a Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tipoff), European Union Ministers, Trump confidants, Congress, and foreign intelligence agencies.

According to recent media reports, the home of the infamous Las Vegas Strip is on edge after a series of bomb threats leading to the Stratosphere andCaesars Palace theater being evacuated, the March 25, 2017, Bellagio 'animal mask armed robbery, and the Cosmopolitan bus shooting and siege. 2016 emails between Almon, the mayor of Las Vegas, and intelligence services cite the city's vulnerability such to terror raids that mirror the weekend bus and Rolex crime raids. A Fox News report dated April 1, 2017, stated that Las Vegas is now removing ads from its tourist buses and revamping its CCTV on the double decker coaches, due to the exposed vulnerabilities.

Most stunning is the Trump-Syria attack connection cited by Bloomberg and the New York media concerning Trump properties. According to the articles, Trump buildings are the top targets of ISIS and Al Qaeda. Almon warned of the issue directly to the Trump campaign and other well-known individuals and entities throughout 2015-2016. Authorities in Las Vegas were warned that an attack such as the Tomahawk airstrike on Syria would likely trigger a Sweden like truck attack and Paris like raids on the Strip, the Fremont Experience, and especially Trump Casino. Almon describes all three areas as, 'the easiest targets on Earth to hit that would cause the most damage, and get the most media attention. Almon warned a highly respected foreign intelligence agency that terrorists had delayed the planned 2016 operations due to the ascendency of Trump in the Presidential race, a fact that has now been admitted in ISIS media releases.

Almon was recently asked for the FBI voicemail by House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes. Almon warned Mr. Nunes that Congress needs to 'audit the FBI due to the Las Vegas threat to prevent Paris 2.0. Mr. Almon has given a full report of the economic and casualty count to the Mayor of Las Vegas and intelligence services which detail expected casualties and severe blows to the economy such as the collapse of the taxpayer funded Raiders stadium deal.

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Email Leak Reveals Trump Syria Attack Subject Of Great Concern In Las Vegas

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