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Jordan- Heroes Worthy of Celebration!By Fahed Khitan

(MENAFN - Alghad Newspaper)

More evidence to discredit all the unfair and forged accusations against of our forefathers' valour in Palestine has surfaced.

This time, witness to our historic stand are the uncovered remnants of our Arab Army martyrs in Sur Baher, by the occupied city of Jerusalem; our brave soldiers have fought to their last breaths.

The company of eight were buried there by the locals, some still alive today, well enough to give their statements the Palestinian news agency, Maan.

One of the elderly witnesses who partook in the burial said that one of the soldiers had died gun in hand, having heard an occupation soldier say that the Jordanian hero had killed way too many of the Israeli company before meeting his fate.

The television report was aired by the Palestinian news agency listing the names of the brave soldiers as they appeared on the tombstones in what was once known as the Jaras military camp.

Make no mistake, those are martyrs whose homecoming is deserving of an outstanding ceremony, like the one His Majesty King Abdullah II inaugurated a few months back upon the renovation of the Martyr's Monument and the reearthing of one of Jordan's brave Jerusalem battle martyrs.

Such martyrs and heroes are most worthy of celebration. Men who fought with valour and honour, outnumbered and still fearless, against others armed to the teeth and far better equipped. They fought alone. No air cover, nothing. Everything promised, they did without, in an open space, with no support or hope for backup.

Those are soldiers who carved their story in blood, not empty speeches.

They may have lost the war, but they never gave up. They'd rather martyrdom than surrender.

In fact, Jordan's archive is packed with testimonies of unparalleled heroism and martyrdom which only Palestinians who fought in the ranks of the Arab Army would know. Those too are bound to their Jordanian brothers by glorious sacrifice. There is quite a record of them, soldiers and officers with the Arab Army, heroes and martyrs from all over Palestine, fighting side by side..

In every square inch of the pure and sacred grounds of beautiful Palestine, a Jordanian soldier has left their mark in blood and sacrifice. From the day the Arab Army took on the responsibility to repel the forces of occupation, backed by the world's most powerful countries, our soldiers have fought, with only the sincerity, selflessness, courage, and dedication of the Palestinian people on their side.

This is our history, and no agreement or treaty can annul the blood our forefathers spilt in Palestine.

Our sacrifice, our history, will always be the source of our pride and confidence.

Hence, the documentation of the heroism of the Arab Army in Palestine should not cease.

We have the right to look for the remnants of our martyrs in ever corners of the earth, to bring them home and mark their glorious offering.

Likewise, their families and descendants have the right to know what their fathers did, and they should be honoured.

Many black hearted and ill willed people will never succumb to the valour of our greatest. Till this very day, they manipulate and forge history to blame Jordan for losing Palestinian, whilst wholeheartedly knowing the truth about the reality and facts of the 5 hour battle which was preceded only by the incineration of fleets upon fleets of fighter jets.

That said, every single detail of our martyrs' stories must be documented.

More so, whether or not arrangements to relocate the remnants of our martyrs are underway is unclear for now, but regardless of when they are scheduled to arrive, their reburial should not pass without a worthy ceremony to show national and public appreciation and pride of the martyrs' sacrifice.

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic version, published by AlGhad.


Jordan- Heroes Worthy of Celebration!By Fahed Khitan


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