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Dubai Fitness Challenge: Residents Ring In Final Week With Session On Ancient Indian Martial Artform

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A&A Associate employees pose for a photos at Dubai's Kite Beach

A&A Associate employees at Dubai's Kite Beach

A&A Associate employees practice Kalaripayattu

At A&A we believe in doing things differently and so we chose Kalaripayattu because of its unique offerings as a form of fitness for those continuously on the lookout for newer ways to stay fit” — Robin Philip, Founder, Director, A&A AssociateDUBAI, إمارة الشارقةّ, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, November 25, 2022 /einpresswire.com / -- A group of fitness enthusiasts rang in the final week of the month-long 30x30 Dubai Fitness Challenge with an hour-long session of Kalaripayattu, transforming Dubai's Kite Beach into an open-air amphitheater for gladiators.

Organised by leading Dubai consultancy A&A Associate for its employees and clients, the special fitness class was delivered by Kalari Club Dubai, UAE's first authentic Kalarippayattu institution recognised by the Ministry of Youth & Sports and UAE Karate Federation.

Nicknamed 'Mother of Martial arts', Kalaripayattu is an ancient Indian martial art with more than 3,000 years of history and includes strikes, kicks, grappling and a host of preset forms besides weaponry and even healing methods.

“At A&A we believe in doing things differently and so we chose Kalaripayattu this year because of its unique offerings as a form of fitness for people of Dubai who are continuously on the lookout for newer ways to stay fit. And it is cut out for them for how it mixes elements from the yoga tradition as well as finger movements in the traditional dances. Just another fun and effective way to fitness never explored before at such a wider level during this time of the year,” said Robin Philip, Founder and CEO of A&A Associate.

“The most interesting aspect of Kalaripayattu is that it empowers everyone irrespective of one's age, nationality and culture, eventually helping everyone achieve mental and physical wellbeing,” said Shahid Mulla, General Manager of the company and one of the attendees of the session that kicked off at 7am on Saturday.

This year, Dubai Fitness Challenge brought its biggest line-up to date, with an exhilarating month of fun and inclusive fitness activities across two fitness villages: DP World Kite Beach Fitness Village, and RTA Last Exit Al Khawaneej Fitn Village, 19 community fitness hubs, a host of sporting events and thousands of free classes taking places all over the city including the Kalaripayattu lesson in the final week.“This was our way of giving it back by engaging with the fraternity and make Dubai a few notches fitter and several stones lighter overall as we opened the doors to not just our regular clients and colleagues but also their friends and family and basically anyone that pre-registered for the event,” said Muhammed Firoz, Director of Business Development & Strategic Alliances and one of the key organisers of the free-for-all event as part of Dubai's endeavours to get its residents moving and fit.

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