Dr Sam Speron Is Calling For People To Think Carefully About How They Look After Their Skin

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Leading plastic surgeon, Dr Sam Speron, is calling for people to start paying attention to their skin, and to think carefully about how they look after it.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, July 9, 2024 /EINPresswire / -- Dr Sam Speron, an award-winning plastic and reconstructive surgeon, is calling for people to think carefully about how they look after every part of their skin.

-The skin is the body's largest organ, and serves a range of functions, from acting as a protective barrier for the body, being a critical part of the immune system, to helping maintain temperature.

-Modern life demands an exacting price from our skin, asking it to manage artificial and natural environments, while exposing it to the pollution and stresses of the modern world.

-It's important to take care of all our skin, and that means recognizing that although it's a single organ, not all our skin is the same, and it needs different types of care.

“We often take our skin for granted,” says Dr Speron.“Perhaps because we can always see it, we can forget what it goes through and miss the gradual changes it undergoes. That's why it's important to take time to check your skin and get any changes checked by a medical professional.”

However, it's also important to respect the different stresses your skin goes through, and support it accordingly, Dr Speron says.“Understanding your skin is critical to good skin health, just thinking about it from top to toe illustrates the differences. The skin on your feet supports you for large parts of the day, and is a bit tougher to help it cope. But, on the top of your head, your skin is thinner and more delicate, but also rich in blood vessels to support the growth of your hair.”

Dr Speron wants people to take more time to understand the skin over their whole body. This does not just help identify potential problems, but also to better understand how they can take care and protect the different areas of skin.

“Knowing your skin unlocks the door to good skin health,” says Dr Speron.“If we consider our face, you can see rapid changes in the skin in just an inch or two. Someone might have oily skin in one area, then suffer from dry skin in another.”

Understanding those differences means that preventative skincare can be targeted, as well as helping you identify concerns earlier, so you can get treatment.

“Most changes in skin can be easily explained. If your skin is suddenly dry, there might be several reasons,” says Dr Speron.“Hot weather might mean you are dehydrated, a change in working location might mean an AC vent is taking a toll on your skin, but if you can't explain the change, you might want to have your skin's health checked out.”

The natural resilience of skin means that, for most people, simple changes in skincare is all it takes to rectify problems. Often, the positive results will show themselves in days, or even hours.

“Knowing your skin well isn't just about checking for issues, it can help you prevent them, too,” says Dr Speron.“Understanding your skin means you can better take care of it, and that means it can better take care of you.”

Skin: perhaps the body's most versatile organ

“Different areas of skin have different stresses,” Dr Speron explains.“Places like the face and neck tend to be more exposed to dangers like UV light from the sun. While skin at joints, especially the knees and elbows, deals with constant movement and often friction against clothes.”

“The neck is often a problem area,” says Dr Speron,“since it combines various challenges. It's often exposed, but also has clothing rubbing against it. And it's relatively thin, but constantly moving as the head turns. Despite this, many people forget about the neck, concentrating on their face, or think the same product that's good for their forehead works equally well on their neck.”

It's important to consider your skin care aims and needs, Dr Speron says. His own range of products includes Age Reversal Neck Cream, which contain peptides, that help stimulate elastin and collagen, which are critical in helping the skin flex while helping it avoid sagging.

“Many focus skincare on the face, since that's what they see in the mirror and what others tend to look at when they see us,” says Dr Speron.“But really good skincare covers the whole body. When you consider all that skin does, it really is a miracle organ, and the better we know it, the better we can take care of it.”

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