Retail And Hospitality Establishments Embrace Robotics And GPT Models To Address Rising Operating Costs

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Navia Robotics introduces GPT to Collibot and Kebbi to enable natural conversation and personalized interaction with customers and guests

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, July 8, 2024 /EINPresswire / -- Navia Robotics, a leading provider of AI-driven service robots, today announced the launch of its latest innovations - Kebbi GPT. Combined with Collibot and Kebbi, it enables natural conversations and personalized interactions with guests in retail and hospitality settings for these service robots.

As the demand for automated solutions continues to grow across industries, Navia Robotics has positioned itself at the forefront of innovation with Collibot and Kebbi. These robots represent a significant leap forward in human-robot interaction, offering unparalleled capabilities in customer service, information provision, and guest engagement.

"We are thrilled to introduce Collibot and Kebbi to the market," said Peter Kim, Chief Technology Officer at Navia Robotics. "By integrating GPT technology, we've created robots that can engage in natural, context-aware conversations, providing a level of service that was previously unimaginable in automated systems."

Collibot, designed primarily for retail environments, boasts advanced navigation capabilities and a user-friendly interface. Its GPT integration allows it to assist customers with product information, recommendations, and even complex inquiries about store policies or promotions. Collibot can seamlessly switch between multiple languages, ensuring effective communication with a diverse customer base.

Kebbi, tailored for the hospitality sector, serves as an interactive concierge and guest service assistant. From check-ins and room service requests to local recommendations and event information, Kebbi provides a personalized and efficient guest experience. Its ability to remember guest preferences and past interactions enables a level of service that rivals human concierges.

"The integration of GPT technology in Collibot and Kebbi marks a new era in customer service automation ," said Sam Richards, Chief Product Officer at Navia Robotics. "These robots can understand context, interpret nuanced requests, and provide thoughtful, relevant responses. It's not just about answering questions; it's about creating meaningful interactions that enhance the overall customer experience."

Early adopters of Collibot and Kebbi have reported improvements in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Wanda Marks, Operations Manager at a regional retail chain, shared her experience: "Collibot has transformed our in-store customer service. It handles routine inquiries, freeing up our human staff to focus on more complex customer needs. The natural conversation flow is impressive - customers enjoy interacting with an animated robot!"

In the hospitality sector, Kebbi has received equally positive feedback. "Kebbi has become an indispensable member of our guest services team," said Miranda Tollis, operator of a luxury hotel. "Its ability to provide personalized recommendations and handle various guest requests around the clock has significantly enhanced our service quality and guest satisfaction scores."

Beyond their primary functions, Collibot and Kebbi also offer valuable data insights. Their interactions with customers and guests provide a wealth of information on preferences, common inquiries, and service gaps, enabling businesses to continually refine and improve their offerings.

As the retail and hospitality industries continue to evolve, the need for innovative, cost-effective solutions that enhance customer experiences while optimizing operations has never been greater. With Collibot and Kebbi, Navia Robotics is not just meeting this need - it's setting a new standard for what's possible in service automation.

"We believe Collibot and Kebbi represent the future of customer service in retail and hospitality," concluded Peter Kim. "As we continue to refine and expand their capabilities, we're excited to see how they will transform these industries, creating more engaging, efficient, and personalized experiences for customers and guests worldwide."

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