Genesis SFL To Launch DNA And Plant Samples To Low Earth Orbit And Back: Offering Affordable Public Space Research

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Science Payload: The space plant experiment occupies a volume of 10x10x10 cm. Biological samples will be housed aboard MayaSat1, a research CubeSat specifically engineered to accommodate microbial samples during space missions.

Embark on the Genesis SFL's Mission: Conduct a Biological Space Experiment Returning From Low Earth Orbit, Contributing to Public Space Research.

Genesis 1:11 (Official) (BSC:GEN111)

When we achieve a milestone within the Genesis, we immediately feel obligated to also serve the public. We are living in the space era; our goal is to provide a gateway to space for everyone.” - Dr. Bence Mátyás, Genesis SFL CEO, FounderLJUBILJANA, SLOVENIA, June 21, 2024 /EINPresswire / -- Genesis SFL, supported by the European Space Agency and known for its leadership in plant space research , is preparing for a unique mission: the first biological space experiment and sample return-to-Earth program offering rideshare options to the public through international partnerships. This mission marks a significant advancement from earlier experiments limited to the International Space Station (ISS), now expanded to include public participation with samples returning to Earth. Scheduled for launch between February and July 2025 from California aboard SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket, this mission represents a milestone in accessible space exploration services, with pricing starting at $299 per sample/genome.

In addition to deploying their own research payload of plant tissue and microbiological samples, Genesis SFL is dedicated to democratizing the space industry. The mission incorporates plant tissue and human DNA samples on MayaSat1 , a 1U research nano-satellite. MayaSat1, carrying its biological samples, will be transported aboard a reusable space capsule into a low Earth orbit at 800 km altitude, significantly surpassing the ISS orbit of approximately 420 km. This initiative provides a unique platform for scientific experimentation, exposing samples to microgravity and elevated radiation levels during three orbits around the Earth. Upon completion of its mission, the capsule will return with a splash landing facilitated by parachutes, similar to those used in capsules like Dragon for astronaut transport. Following retrieval, customers will receive their samples for further analysis or as certified space souvenirs.

"This mission opens new horizons for biological research in space," said Petra Knaus, COO and biochemical engineer at Genesis SFL, who leads the development of the company's core products, Genoplant analyzers, for both upstream and downstream space utilization. "Whether you're an academic institution or an individual researcher, sending your biological samples with Genesis provides a unique opportunity to contribute to space discovery."

Participants will receive a comprehensive Sampling Kit upon selecting their sample type, including detailed instructions for providing human DNA or plant tissues. Samples should then be sent to Genesis SFL's partner laboratory at the dedicated address for meticulous preparation ahead of the space mission. Several weeks before the confirmed launch date, they will receive an official invitation from the Genesis SFL team to celebrate the mission launch at Vandenberg Space Force Base, California. This event provides an opportunity for engagement with the scientific community involved in the mission and to witness their contribution to space exploration.

"This orbital mission marks just the beginning-a technology demonstration, if you will," said Genesis SFL CEO Dr. Mátyás. "Upon successful completion of this mission, we and our partners will continue our plant space experiments. In the near future, we plan to offer Moon landings and Deep Space tickets to the public to further support sustainable space discovery. Considering both the bio capsule and the SpaceX rocket are reusable, not to mention the high potential for discovering previously unseen plant health biomarkers."

Explore sending biological samples to space with Genesis SFL and discover the limited availability for public research samples due to payload constraints. Please ensure your samples are returned to Genesis SFL labs by the end of August to participate in this unique mission! Learn more at

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