While Openai Is Building AGI, Lyzr Has Started Building OGI

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Jazon: The World's 1st AI Sales Development Representative

Agent Mesh for OGI

Lyzr's OGI revolutionizes business operations with autonomous AI role agents like Jazon and Skott, communicating seamlessly to solve issues in minutes.

It's the foundation that makes OGI possible.” - Siva SurendiraJERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, June 14, 2024 /EINPresswire / -- Lyzr, the full stack AI agent framework, has started building OGI - Organizational General Intelligence

**What is OGI and why is Lyzr building this tech?**

While OpenAI is working on AGI, Lyzr is leading the charge with its groundbreaking concept of Organizational General Intelligence (OGI). Unlike the elusive Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) that promises superhuman capabilities, OGI offers a practical, achievable solution designed to revolutionize business operations. This innovative technology is generating significant buzz among Lyzr's customers, and for good reason.

Lyzr's journey towards developing OGI was driven by its experience in building AI Agents since 2023 and its deep understanding of customer needs. In September 2023, the company launched its agent framework, becoming the first in the industry to introduce an agentic approach to building Large Language Model (LLM) applications. This methodology has since been validated by industry leaders like Amjad Masad, CEO of Replit, who recognize the future of application development lies in agentic solutions.

“Though we launched an open-source version of our agent framework for developers to build agents, we set out focusing on enterprise customers from Day 1. This helped us reduce distractions and focus on solving real-world problems for businesses.” said Lyzr CEO, Siva Surendira.

This led to the development of Jazon , an AI Sales Development Representative (SDR), and Skott , an AI Content Marketer.

Jazon and Scott quickly proved their worth to Lyzr's clients. After a short training period, Jazon could autonomously convert sales leads into meetings, while ensuring data privacy and compliance. Meanwhile, Scott took on content marketing tasks like research, writing blog posts, and generating social media posts.

**The spark which led to OGI development**

The true inspiration for OGI came from an unexpected incident with Lyzr's customer service AI. When the agent fielded a client complaint about a false product claim, it was able to identify the root cause within minutes by accessing data from both Jazon and Skott-a process that would have taken at least 40 human hours in meetings and about 2-3 months to implement the change across various departments in the organization.

This incident created the spark for Lyzr's Research team to create a "super agent" capable of managing and tracking multiple agents' tasks, analyzing them in real-time, and taking autonomous calls with unparalleled efficiency.

But to get to OGI, there has to be a communication protocol for agents to interact among themselves. This led to the development of Lyzr AgentMesh - an innovative technology that allows seamless communication between different agents while maintaining strict identity and access controls. "AgentMesh is like the TCP/IP of AI agents," explained Siva. "It's the foundation that makes OGI possible.”

The implications of OGI are profound. In traditional organizational settings, cross-functional changes often require extensive meetings, several root cause analysis exercises, and prolonged implementation periods. With OGI powered by Lyzr AgentMesh technology, these changes can be executed in minutes rather than months. From rapid root cause analysis to seamless change management across sales, marketing, human resources, operations, and customer service functions, OGI is already delivering tangible value to early adopters.

Lyzr plans to open-source Agent Mesh to democratize access to multi-agent AI technology. "By integrating with agent platforms like LangChain and LlamaIndex, we want to empower developers worldwide to build more sophisticated AI solutions," said Siva.

As more companies adopt OGI and the underlying Agent Mesh technology, Lyzr believes it will fundamentally transform how organizations operate. "We're not chasing the elusive AGI," said Siva. "Our focus is on delivering practical solutions to real business challenges, and that's exactly what OGI does. Can Lyzr OGI replace the CEO of the organization someday? That's a question for another day.”

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