Weekly Horoscope Predictions: Know How Your Week Will Be From October 2 To October 8, 2023

(MENAFN- AsiaNet News) Aries - Ganesha says you will experience a positive shift in your career this week. You have been struggling a lot lately and just when you were thinking of quitting your job, your career will take a turn in the best direction it could ever go. You will face some challenges when it comes to handling Politics at work because you are a genuine person who doesn't play games at work while other people do hence even though you need to maintain your originality you also need to keep an eye open for malpractices that might hamper your work and decrease your chances of getting a Promotion this week.
Taurus - Ganesha says you will be able to make some huge investments this week. You're likely to rush the process and skip the analyzing and strategizing part, which can ruin all the profit you have made from the new prospect. You need to listen to your financial advisor and take your time. Your love life will be better than it's ever been this week. You have an ample amount of time. Taking professional help rather than neglecting the issue is advisable. You need to be focused on all aspects of your life this week and work equally hard to achieve everything you aspire to this week. Make sure you eat the correct food and take really good care of yourself this week as well.

Gemini - Ganesha says you will make great business decisions this week. Your analysis and strategies will work out in your favor. Take five minutes off to meditate daily which will help you focus on your work and get it done faster. Take all the help that is offered to you, creating unrealistic goals will make you even more upset. If you're single you're most likely to meet an interesting person this week. Those who are already in a relationship will have a fun week with their partner this week. You will finally have some time off work, which will be very much appreciated by your partner. Hence make this week count.

Cancer - Ganesha says you have been through a lot of challenges and become the strongest person you have ever been this week. Allow yourself time and space to relax and rest this week. A mini-vacation will do you good this week, as you have been ignoring your health by staying busy. Your business and finances will work out on their own this week, without you having to pay much time and attention. Learn what works for you in calming your energies this week. This newfound confidence will keep you happy throughout the week. An entirely new and different work opportunity will open up for you which will bring a lot of fortune shortly itself.

Leo - Ganesha says you should expect some arguments with colleagues who are jealous of you due to the fame you gain this week. It is because you have been over sharing in the past, you need to focus more on your work and not on the people who drag you down in life, at the same time you need to be extremely careful about the information you publicly share at your workplace as it might be used against you to pull you down from the position that you are currently at. You will need to push through these people by making a conscious effort to not let them ruin your week. You will experience a new sense of responsibility and maturity in yourself this week which will give you the confidence you need to survive this week.
Virgo - Ganesha says a normal start to the week is likely for you. You will make use of the first two days of the week to improve your knowledge. You will crave something new in your life.
You will procure new items. Results will mirror the hard work that you have put in in the past few days but all in all this week might be quite boring for you if you keep it like that. Your happiness and peace will improve your health this week. This is a great week for you to go on a long walk, eat healthy drink lots of water and reflect on your past positively.

Libra - Ganesha says you will be able to make some huge investments this week. You're likely to rush the process and skip the analyzing and strategizing part, which can ruin all the profit you have made from the new prospect. You need to listen to your financial advisor and take your time. Managing such a huge amount of money can make you or break you. Let them know that they can express their feelings and fears without the anticipation of an overreaction from you. Do not worry about these issues, take the help of home remedies and try to relax as much as you can. Meditation and yoga will help you a lot this week hence make sure it is a part of your daily routine this week.

Scorpio – Ganesha says you will come out from multiple messy situations this week. Your destiny will help you to get benefits in terms of gains in business this week. Make sure that you finish your postponed projects this week. Your losses will convert into profits, which will boost your financial health. New partnerships will occur in your business this week, which will help you to grow your business. This will set a very beautiful example for all your colleagues this week. Use the tremendous energy you have this week to focus entirely on yourself, focus on your health, spirituality, goals and aspirations. Although you will be loved by your partner, you won't have time for them this week. You should focus on yourself only this week.

Sagittarius - Ganesha says you will realize this week that your relationship will only get better from this point. Believe in offering quality service and products rather than just pushing quantity. Be diplomatic and do not get into fights with anyone. Know how to get work done by other people. Your relationship will slightly suffer because you will be very busy this week, You're starting to see some behavior patterns in your partner that are unpleasant to you and you won't be able to ignore them. Do not rush yourself in expressing your feelings and emotions. Contemplate your choice of words and then have a decent talk with your partner this week itself.
Capricorn - Ganesha says this week is bringing you a lot of better things. As you foresee the upcoming seven days, the losses incurred in the last few weeks will be revived. You will earn the trust of everyone in your life. Income is going to increase and your family will support you in whatever you do. Your love life is expecting some challenges as there will be some misunderstandings between your partner and you. Fatigue will set in easily for you this week. It is a sign from your body to rest more. Be very careful with the decisions you take. You will be successful in a lot of high-end work which will require you to work very hard. You tend to get lost and focus on the success so much sometimes that you forget to work hard and keep being consistent.

Aquarius - Ganesha says this week is quite easy and relaxing for you. Although not every aspect of your life will work out as you would have liked it to be, you'll come through struggles stronger and smarter. You will need to update yourself in terms of your skillet as people junior to you are trying to take over your position. You're likely to take an unconventional break this week to spend some much needed time with your loved one. New and humongous changes in the business will bring new finances hence new investments that you can make will lead to a lot of happiness in your family. Also, be prepared for a lot of positive surprises. Be open to the affection being shown to you.

Pisces - Ganesha says you will get the expected results when it comes to speculations you made in your business this week. You just have to make sure that you are determined to tread ahead without making any impulsive decisions because it can seriously harm you this week. This week you will be provided with ample opportunities to prove yourself at work as well, which, in turn, may also lead to your promotion. If you're single, you may have some profound realizations this week which will lead to you becoming more confident and outgoing. After a long tiring week, you will feel extremely happy and satisfied with the efforts you have made to keep yourself and your family happy and financially safe.


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