The Optimized Cloud: Lyrid And American Cloud's Answer To The Inflationary Cloud Dilemma

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Lyrid's and American Cloud's latest collaboration is set to revolutionize digital infrastructure performance, slash costs, and boost sustainability for businesses everywhere.

Explore how Lyrid & American Cloud transform cloud economics: Affordable infrastructure for engineering teams & peak profitability for data centers globally!

By providing more transparency into the world of digital infrastructure, we have an extraordinary opportunity to drastically bring down cloud costs for companies while ALSO making it easier to use.” - Aron WagnerSAN JOSE, CA, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2023/EINPresswire/ -- As the digital landscape constantly morphs and titans like AWS cast a long shadow, there emerges an unmistakable demand for agile, value-driven alternatives. Enter the strategic partnership of Lyrid and American Cloud , a collaboration setting the pace for transformative cloud possibilities. They're not just merging high-octane performance with unbeatable value; they're illustrating a blueprint for other data centers to follow.

Co-Creating The Optimized Cloud

Lyrid, renowned for its cloud-agnostic orchestration, seamlessly deploys and manages applications, ensuring scalability meets performance. Their secret sauce? It's in building a network of leading data center institutions, such as American Cloud.

“Lyrid's easy to use platform will allow customers to seamlessly deploy all different types of technology frameworks atop our infrastructure," says Aron Wagner, CEO of American Cloud.

When you marry American Cloud's state-of-the-art hardware and EPYC processors with Lyrid's Managed Kubernetes Solution, you get a glimpse into the future of cloud operations. Recent benchmarks show that EPYC processors combined with Kubernetes handle 35% more traffic surges, proving to be critical in situations that prompt increased web traffic like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Beyond enhanced performance, this alliance cuts costs for enterprises, reducing expenses by 60% compared to AWS. Welcome to the era of the Optimized Cloud.

“We are able to provide Lyrid with market leading hardware, such as EPYC processors at unbeatable economics, which in turn allows Lyrid to onboard larger economies of scale," says Wagner.

Riding the Kubernetes Wave: The Data Center Evolution

In Q2 2022, an alarming $35 billion was lost on unused cloud resources. Yet, with managed Kubernetes' adoption surging from 49% in 2021 to 62% in 2023, and 70% of global enterprises on board, it's clear that businesses are choosing solutions that combine performance with cost-efficiency.

Many data centers are seeing this change. Instead of spending a lot on research and development, they are teaming up with Kubernetes providers like Lyrid. This strategy fast-tracks their entry into the cloud market and amplifies client performance. With the integration of next-gen software, these centers transform from just storage sites to hubs of innovation, merging old hardware with new tech.

“We must stay at the forefront of innovation while demystifying and competing with cloud providers like AWS, GCP, and Digital Ocean. We love that Lyrid accelerates our existing offerings with their innovative solutions'', says Wagner.

Through Lyrid's advanced solutions, data centers can confidently address the intricate demands of modern enterprises. Moving away from legacy challenges like R&D and scalability, 43% of data center leaders are honing in on strategic alliances. Particularly, those aligning with the Lyrid Constellation Partner program reap tangible rewards: they not only trim down Sales and Marketing expenses via Lyrid's customer referrals but also secure a distinct position in a field overshadowed by a few dominant players.

"Your platform empowers customers to create applications, Kubernetes clusters, and databases right out of the box, relieving our team of the pressure to build or manage them”, says Wagner.

Unlocking Machine Potential for Greater Profits

In the age of digital innovation, growth strategies are shifting. The alliance between Lyrid and American Cloud epitomizes this transformation. Rather than simply adding more assets or personnel, the spotlight is now on leveraging software to maximize American Cloud's existing infrastructure.

The result? A significant surge in revenue without the need for physical expansion. The mantra is clear: achieve more for less.

“We expect to see a dramatic increase in utilized resources as more customers onboard Lyrid's product'', says Wagner.

But the aspirations of American Cloud don't end at optimizing what they already have. They're charting a course to build data centers in new, strategic regions. This is where the synergy with Lyrid becomes invaluable. While American Cloud lays the physical groundwork, Lyrid's expertise ensures that these data centers hit optimal profitability in record time. Together, they're pioneering a model of swift expansion: invest, optimize for profit, and reinvest in growth, all at a pace previously thought unimaginable.

Leveling the Cloud Playing Field: A United Dream

Once, advanced cloud technology was restricted to enterprises with deep pockets. But today, Lyrid and American Cloud are on a crusade to change that narrative. Their mission: democratize access to high-end cloud solutions for every business, regardless of size or budget. With major cloud providers cornering the market with inflated prices, Lyrid and American Cloud present a disruptive alternative, cutting AWS costs by up to 60%. This move paves the way for startups and SMEs to leverage premium cloud services without breaking the bank.

“By providing more transparency into the world of mission critical digital infrastructure, Lyrid and American Cloud have an extraordinary opportunity to drastically bring down the cost of cloud for companies while ALSO making it easier to use. A partnership like this is the first of its kind”, says Wagner.

In essence, this collaboration stands as a testament to the power of shared vision. A vision where advanced cloud technology isn't an exclusive club but a democratic platform, open and accessible to all.

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