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Oliver Anthony Family Showbiz Ties Exposed In Trademark Filing

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Atlanta, Georgia Sep 19, 2023 (Issuewire)
Christopher Lunsford aka Oliver Anthony's direct family ties to Showbiz was exposed in a trademark application in the USA! Oliver Anthony is the nephew of an Atlanta-based entertainment Lawyer and Artist Manager who has previously worked with high profile Hip-hop and country acts such as OutKast and Dolly Parton and is a volunteer for the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. presidential Campaign and a Super PAC according to Federal Donor Records that are public:




N.E.SUITE 1000



p: 404-815-3628

f: 404-685-6928


In fact, this is the same lawyer that filed for trademark protection on behalf of Christopher Anthony Lunsford (Oliver Anthony) with the US TRADEMARK OFFICE for the trademark: "Oliver Anthony Music" & "Rich Men North of Richmond".

See the filing report here by J. Rodgers Lunsford III on behalf of his nephew Christopher Anthony Lunsford (Oliver Anthony):

This proves that Anthony is not simply a guy that got lucky going viral and a former member of the working poor but rather an industry plant, by a high profile lawyer whom is a direct relative, with high profile established connections in the music and entertainment business which lead to his success! Anthony's uncle also has done IP Work for Joe Rogan.

J Rodgers Lunsford III is a heavy hitter when it comes to IP Lawyers and Entertainment Managers in the USA -- how did we all fail to connect the dots and need a trademark application to discover that we are all being duped. See:

Furthermore, here are Attorney Lunsford Political Donor records to several Democratic Candidates and a Super Pac:

Oliver Anthony himself donated $25 to the failed campaign of Socialist-Progressive Leaning Democrat and Actress Cynthia Nixon in her bid to become Governor of New York when he lived in North Carolina:

Hence, we have now established that Oliver Anthony was not an organic viral sensation without assistance from the powers that be in the music and entertainment business.

"This isn't just some hillbilly with a guitar but a well connected musician with an established team behind the scenes and these frontmen managers Oliver Anthony referred to as 'full time plumbers' acting as his booking agent" are just puppets. It's some real WWE type stuff these guys are doing to portray Oliver Anthony as a mere unskilled or unsophisticated person and we all fell for it -- myself included!

Cancelling concerts for which tickets have already been sold, freezing peoples funds on cards for days to weeks spent on advance tickets for his concerts until the money is available again on folks' band cards, solely to advance this false narrative must cease!

I thought someone was really fighting for people like me that works in a factory, lives in a rooming house, and eats ramen noodles since I earn too much for food stamps and not enough for proper diet! I want a refund for my purchase of "Rich Men North of Richmond" because I've been duped whereas Anthony and his family are the true 'Rich Men'" states Gary Ouelette, 43 of Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Moreover, Oliver Anthony and his team have gone to great lengths to conceal his true story. Whether, it's releasing music on random days of the week to appear amateur -- other than the industry standard day of Friday -- to cancelling gigs which he was set to be paid tens of thousands of dollars of his new-found fame whilst lashing out at promoters for charging too much for tickets, Oliver Anthony has apparently played us all.

This misrepresentation of himself as an unassisted artist, using this dubious backstory of an unassisted viral sensation to sell overpriced tickets -- be it $40 or $200 tickets for an hour long acoustic set -- to the actual working poor folks, such as Mr. Ouelette, must cease and desist as real human lives are being affected here by the games being played by Oliver Anthony and his family.

Now, you have the information... You have the power and duty to report! Oliver Anthony and his family are the true Rich Men... Hypocrites!

We hope Oliver Anthony -- aka Christopher Anthony Lunsford -- will clarify the situation, issue a public apology for deceiving the public, in the days to follow.

In the meantime, we are making a call to action here, whereby we are requesting the public at large, including those duped by Lunsford/Oliver Anthony, to sign this petition requesting he donate 100% of royalties received from all of his music to a charity neither he nor his family has direct affiliation with, to help the working poor on


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