39% Of Women Believe Men Calling Their Ex "Crazy" Is A Warning Sign

New Delhi, June 7 (IANS) The most comprehensive checklist for red flags that raise alarms and green flags that shout, "It's a keeper!" is covered in QuackQuack's most recent survey. For instance, the data reveals that 22 percent of daters from metro areas and smaller cities believe it is a red flag if your date orders the food on the first date without considering your preferences. It's a sign of their abrasiveness and dominance, which will later turn out to be pretty bothersome and the cause of your breakup.
10,000 daters from metros and smaller cities participated in the poll. The age range of these participants was between 20 and 35, both working professionals and students. QuackQuack's Founder and CEO, Ravi Mittal, commented, "We see almost 35 million chats exchanged per month, and 3 out of 8 matches discuss red flags they absolutely cannot accept within the first week of chatting. We also noticed that kindness is considered the biggest green flag of all."
Badmouthing your ex
Are you calling your ex crazy to gain favor with your new BAE? The survey shows that 39 percent of women between 22 and 32 believe that's a red flag in men. The more likely possibility, according to these women, is men who call their ex crazy were the reason behind their craziness. Calling people names, especially when they aren't around to defend themselves, reflects poorly on these men. Today it's the ex; tomorrow it'll be you, says more than 12 percent of the same women from tier 1 and 2 cities.
Control freaks
Men and women with a history of being controlling in a relationship is an absolute red flag, says 38 percent of daters above 30. Being in love or a relationship does not entitle you to run someone's life according to your wishes; people who believe otherwise are best avoided when looking for a match. 16 percent of women say men who think they can tell you how to dress up and whom to talk to are simply delusional.
Stonewalling, are you?
Stonewalling is a red flag according to 29 percent of women between 25 and 30. People who suddenly stop communicating with you and put up a wall are very difficult to manage, say these women. 11 percent of them revealed being in a relationship with such a person, and their behavior sooner or later led to a breakup. They termed it frustrating beyond imagination and mentioned how such behavior almost inches toward gaslighting. Emotional stability is a must for any healthy relationship.
Apologising is a green flag
21 percent of men from tier 1 and 2 cities said women who own up to their mistakes instead of going into denial are a green flag. Date them without worries; these women are the epitome of maturity, and that's a breath of fresh air.
Voicing your emotions? You are a keeper
Women, both GenZ and Millennials, agreed that men who know how to voice their emotions, not just in actions but also verbalize them, are definite keepers. More than 17 percent of women who have been dating for over a year said most men they dated think being talkative is "womanly." But the winners are those who have the emotional capacity to put their feelings into words.
Live and let live
If your date does not mock you for your style or your guilty pleasures, you are lucky to have such a green flag in your life, says 19 percent of daters above 30. Somehow mocking has been falsely associated with wit, and snarky comments that draw blood make some people feel superior. 8 percent of daters revealed skipping on people who find it amusing to mock others' way of living.
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