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Thursday, 08 December 2022 03:39 GMT

Fly Killing Salt Gun Launches In The UK

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Fly Killing Salt Gun Launches in the UK

The air-powered gun, which has been taking the US by storm, blasts salt at unsuspecting bugs — leaving no gooey mess to clean up afterwards

A popular, modern-day alternative to the fly swatter called the bug-a-salt has finally launched in the UK this spring after proving exceptionally popular with fly- haters in the US and Australia.

The brainchild of a self-styled surfer-dude and artist from Los Angeles, this device sends flies and other bugs packing without leaving a trail of entrails behind. And because it uses everyday table salt as 'bullets', it's safe to use around food.

The device is best described as a plastic toy gun for killing critters. The air-powered 'weapon' is called the Bug-A-Salt — a 'bug blaster' complete with a rapid- fire mechanism and an aiming sight. Users can also choose from a wide range of colour and style options. There's even a range of branded shirts and hats to choose from.

The science behind the gun that makes fly-killing fun is relatively simple. The Bug-A-Salt sends a blast of compressed air speeding towards its target. There's also a rapid-fire option for particularly large pest infestations.

But while the science might be simple, the way it's used to stun and move irritating, germ-carrying bugs is quite simply genius.

For people who don't like to kill flies, spiders, beetles and insects, this device could be the answer to their prayers. In most cases, the creepy-crawly victim is simply blasted away from its location — perfect for keeping dirty critters away from food.

The Bug-A-Salt was invented by yoga-loving surfing enthusiast Lorenzo Maggiore, who dreamed up the idea on the back of his hatred of critters. He said:

“I was a weird kid. I didn't like flies. I used to put them in my Hot Wheels cars and send them down the track. They land on poo, and then they land on your food. Anything that does that, I'm not really interested in.”

After dropping out of High School before graduating, Maggiore spent most of the next three years surfing. To make ends meet, he learned how to hang wallpaper — a pursuit that would earn him just enough money to surf.

Later in life, the maverick inventor became an artist, and it wasn't long before people realised his unusual creations demonstrated a flair for wacky ingenuity.

After dreaming of an air-powered gun for many years, Maggiore staked his life-savings — and much more besides — on his dream. He said:

“I'm just sitting in the hotel looking at this thing that I've done. It's ready for the world, but I have nowhere to sell it. I have no plan!” After Kickstarter rejected his first attempt to raise startup capital, Maggiore turned to a friend. He said: 

“The release of our product in the United Kingdom is long overdue, and we are proud to announce we have chosen to partner with a strong industry leader such as MACVAD.”

MACVAD Ltd was equally as excited about bringing the hugely successful Bug-A-Salt range to British shores.

We are grateful for Erika and Lorenzo of Skell Inc. to have given us this opportunity. Our team will be working very hard to ensure we make this a huge success.

Look out flies and other pesky insects. Your days are numbered, one salt-shot at a time!

Sometimes referred to on social media as 'bugsalt' and 'bugassault', this ingenious device is now shipping from Scunthorpe in England. This means orders are arriving at UK addresses faster than ever. And that's fantastic news for lucky fathers and sons, as the Bug-A-Salt has proven to be a huge hit as an alternative gift idea for men.

About Bug-A-Salt

Bug-A-Salt in the UK/AUS/SA/NZ/DE/CAN is distributed by MACVAD Ltd as part of a distribution partnership with US parent company Skell Inc. This 'insect eradication' device uses air and everyday table salt to blast bugs and flies away from food. 

While the fun and quirky 'guns' in the range resemble toys, they perform the important task of ridding homes and gardens of unwanted critters.

The models in the range don't use any chemicals, so they're safe to use around food. Bug-A-Salt gives people a way to eradicate creepy crawlies without squashing them, so grisly clean-up jobs are a thing of the past.

The inventor of Bug-A-Salt and founder of the brand's parent company is Lorenzo Maggiore. The maverick inventor and entrepreneur is constantly developing new products — many of which possess the same blend of fun and functionality.

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