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Monday, 03 October 2022 09:17 GMT

Why choose to be an international student in the UK with private education?


The UK has arguably one the best educational systems in the world whether that be state or private education and it is no surprise why people want to study in the country.

So there are options for parents who want to send their child to an international school in the UK, it could be in the north of the country to schools such as Bridgewater School in Manchester or Rossall School in Fleetwood but the UK also has some incredible schools in the south as well with Eton College or Southbank in London.

What is private education?

Private education is different to state education because you would have to pay to send a child to study, so you might want to look at the best forex trading platform for beginners to gain some more money, whereas state education is free and funded by the government. Private education has no funding from the government but this current government fully supports people going to private schools as many MPs attended private education.

Private school for British students

Many British students still attend private school and usually attend as day students if the school does not offer boarding to their students.

Many students experience a superb education for the money that is spent and they enjoy their school life. However, there is also the option of boarding schools which would more than likely be the case for an international student unless the child is travelling over with family.

Boarding school for international students

Around the country, many schools offer boarding options for both British and international students. It can be a daunting experience for a child who has moved out of their home to be in a different country without their friends and family.

However, these feelings are usually eradicated very quickly with schools well trained to help children deal with these tough experiences that are only natural when they have moved away from home at a tender age.

There is no age limit, within the 3-18 education system, when a child can be sent to an international private school.

Schools even offer full scholarships for certain students and it could be a great opportunity if a child can achieve one.

What are the benefits of sending a child to the UK?

It is a perfect opportunity for a child to develop a second language in the UK and experience a different culture whilst still travelling back to their home country every term or even half term.

Students will have smaller classes which means a greater focus on each student. Staff are able to understand how a child works and they are not lost in the system. International schools are able to offer this personal touch.

It is also beneficial for students to understand independence as they board in their own rooms either by themselves or with a roommate, helping with the social aspect of living away from home, it is fantastic for young people.

Many schools around the country also have EAL (English as an Additional Language) teachers or even full centres in place for international students who may need extra help with their English. This on its own can be the most comforting and beneficial thing about sending a child to an international school.

Are more opportunities created?

Yes, they are. When a child attends a private school they are experiencing an education that is better than a lot of state-funded places and encourages both academic as well as extracurricular activities such as sports and creative arts.

When a child goes to a private school, the name is known throughout the country and even the world with many many schools connected. Employers look at which school a child attended and it could be the reason why they either get an interview or even a certain job.


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