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Progressive Black Women Continue to Fight to Defend Our Democracy

The Democratic Party continues to ignore the voices of Black women at the risk of its own peril.” — Vincent MasonBROOKLYN, NY, USA, June 22, 2022 /EINPresswire.com / -- The Democratic Party's relationship with its most influential members has and continue to be imbalanced. The influence, presence, contributions, and efforts of Black women has been the tipping point in countless elections. Without the support of Black women lifting candidate Biden to victory in South Carolina, Joe Biden most likely would not be president today.

“Black Women feel slighted by the Democrats”, an article published by Axios in May of 2018, explains how African-American female candidates are not receiving the support from the National Democratic Party (DNC). According to a DNC spokesperson,“African-American women are the backbone of the Democratic Party”. Unfortunately, the organization's rhetoric does not match action, the DNC does not move its money or machine to support Black women candidates who they claim are the backbone of the Democratic Party.

Millington Bergeson-Lockwood draws many stark contrasts between the past and provides a glimpse into the possible future of the Democratic Party if it continues its practice of lip-service and neglect of Black women in her article written on July 3, 2018, Black Women, History, and the Democratic Party. In the 1890s, Black voters were majority Republican, Jim Crow lynching increased resulting in a rise in Black murders; yet the Republican dominated federal government did nothing and African-American women voters exercised“political independence and refused to back a candidate solely on party affiliation.”

We have to be fearless like past Leaders such as Fannie Lou Hamer, Shirley Chisholm, Barbara Jordan who laid the foundation for visionaries like Donna Brazile, Leah Daughtry, Yolanda Caraway, Minyon Moore whose shoulders stands Waikinya Clanton, Reyna Walters-Morgan, Ofirah Yheskel, Ebony Baylor, Atoyia Deans, Danai Pointer, Brencia Berry and it is up to all of us to make certain that they don't just enjoy sitting at the table but build more tables for more leaders to come long after they have moved on. The environment for Black people almost half-way into the Biden administration has not felt the release from the boot of oppression of the Trump administration, Corona Virus, overall healthcare, violence by white American terrorists, police brutality, overall crime, failing schools, a recession economy, and more. We must ensure progressive Black women officials and candidates can continue to fight for justice and hold oppressors accountable.

Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke , NY-9, is no stranger to opposition and by now, she knows life is not without challenges. That being the case, she was elected in 2007 after winning a 4-way primary, fought her way through democratic politics in the House to become a senior Member on the Homeland Security and the Energy and Commerce Committees while winning contested elections back home to retain her seat. Two election cycles ago, in 2018, she defended her seat against 4 opponents, in 2020 during the pandemic, Clarke , the only black woman in New York's congressional delegation, defended herself again against 3 opponents and although she has the support of Nancy Pelosi, the DNC remains absent. Coincidently, all her opponents have been male. She continues to win elections and the DNC has yet to mobilize the troops to reinforce who they call, the backbone of the Democratic Party.

As we recognize Caribbean Heritage Month and the contributions of Caribbean people during the month of June, say what you will about the Congresswoman's voting record, bills introduced and passed, fundraising, or personality, she is one of the most progressive members of the Democratic Party. She is a champion for her diverse constituency, she represents Brooklyn, and she delivers for Brooklyn. The Congresswoman has championed over $17 billion in community projects in the FY22 appropriations funding package and unlike fly-by-night pop-up opposition candidates, the Congresswoman's record of service and success for Brooklyn is well documented. She deserves the support of the DNC; she is the type of progressive voice that we need in Congress and in the Party.

The Congresswoman has been an effective agent for change for her constituents throughout her term in elected office dating back to her City Council days and she continues her fight on behalf of her constituents. People continue to come out to meet, support, and vote for Yvette D. Clarke. The DNC needs to take heed because they are not simply neglecting Congresswoman Clarke , they are neglecting Brooklyn and it has not gone unnoticed.

According to the article, Black Women Leaders Demand Representation in the DNC, on the website ,“More than 20 Black female elected officials, activists and community leaders came together in solidarity to voice their concern that Black women are being overlooked in regard to leadership within the Democratic Party…Signers of the letter also include Reps. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-N.J.) and Yvette Clarke. Watson and Clarke, along with Rep. Robin Kelly (D-Ill.), formed The Congressional Caucus on Black Women and Girls in 2016.”

The message to the DNC cannot be louder and the silence in response to the appeal for change cannot be more deafening. The Democratic Party continues to ignore the voices of Black women at the risk of its own peril.

Vincent Mason
Manchester Report
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