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Thursday, 18 August 2022 11:10 GMT

UAE: I Never Had The Time To Get Old, Says Sadhguru

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Solution will come only when every nation on the planet makes a policy and acts on it. Nearly 71 per cent of the land is farmed. This land has to be taken care of. Everybody wants to take care of the rainforest. Everybody wants to take care of the ocean. It doesn't need your care. You just stay out of it, everything will be fine. For one year, if you don't fish, just watch the ocean bounce back in ways that you cannot imagine. Urban people like to talk about exotic things for which they don't have to do anything. Agricultural land is the land where the human hand is tending to on a daily basis. This land is in serious trouble. It's part of our food security and our nutritional system. It's part of our commerce. It's part of our stability in the world itself. If there is no food, there is no peace anywhere, isn't it?

There's a certain part of the population that feels issues such as climate change are too big to have any real influence over, leading to a general sentiment of helplessness. That one can't really make a difference.

Sadhguru: Today, you have a voice like never before. Never before was it possible for any human being to sit here and talk to the world? This is the first time, isn't it? Many great beings have come to this planet but when they spoke up, even 10 people could not hear them. Today, you may be a nobody in the world but you can sit at home and make the world listen to you. You have that capability. Do you have the commitment? That's the only question. This is all I'm asking. Raise your voice. Raise your voice for a few weeks, and keep it up.

The narrative needs to change. This is how human societies work. First, you must think about it, then your emotion should get attached to the thinking and then your voice should rise. Once it rises, slowly action will follow. But if you're hesitating to raise your voice for something so vital, it shows that you don't care. If you're 90 years old and you say you don't care about the future, I can understand because your life has passed. But as a young person, if you say you don't care about the future, where does it come from?

Where does it come from?

Sadhguru: It comes from an absolute sense of ignorance of thinking your life is on your phone screen. You think food is coming from Uber Eats, not from the land. But somebody is cooking it, somebody's growing it somewhere. Delivery is happening to your doorstep and you're mistaking that as the source. Today, almost every nation is referring to soil as a 'resource'. All of us have fed upon the breasts of our mothers. So, do we call our mothers a 'resource'? Or is she the source of our life? Soil is the very source of our life.

You mentioned you don't like labelling generations as Gen Z, millenials etc.

Sadhguru: It's only the Gen Z that I don't like labeling. 'Z' is the last alphabet. That's what scares me. The Z of life means it is the last stop. Are you the last generation? It's a crime even to think that way.

We don't wish to be the last generation. So, what is the one thing we need to get right?

Sadhguru: You were born after the phones arrived. But as young people, you can use this phone in many ways that I do not know how to use. Please use your smart friend. Use your smart friend and make the world talk about soil, not about me, not about my moment. Talk about soil because it's your moment. This is a generational responsibility. So within the people who are alive here, I am 'A' somebody's 'B', somebody's 'C' and you're 'Z'.

We are constantly seeing how to find differences. Age, gender, caste, creed, religion, nationality, race and more such nonsense. So, soil is that one unifying factor. It's a common factor. At this stage in our life, when we are so technologically empowered, finding common factors, common denominators among all of us, it doesn't matter who you are, it doesn't matter what specie you are, finding a common factor is important right now. Without a common factor, we will destroy each other.

Gen Z is also called generation burnout. If the new generation is burning out, isn't it a serious problem?

If by the time you're 20-25, you're burning out, it means obviously, you're not resilient enough for life, isn't it? The lack of resilience is simply because we have become very frivolous in how we use our minds. It's important that in your body and your mind, you become tenacious enough. If you last here for 100 years, still, you can have a meaningful life. Isn't that important? What is burnout? You just don't know how to conduct your own thoughts and emotions. That's why you're burning out. So, let's do some inner engineering.

Lastly, if there was any advice you'd offer to your younger self, what would it be?

Are you talking about my younger self as in the past? (laughs) I've been riding for nine to 10 hours straight on this journey. We've been riding since yesterday evening, with little breaks in between. And today, I just walked straight into the talk here in Abu Dhabi. Once someone asked me, 'Sadhguru, how do you do this at this age?', I said, 'What do you mean this age? So, you think I'm old?' The problem with me is that I've lived my life so intensely, I never had the time to get old. It takes a lot of time to get old. So, if you're living your life and there's no time to get old, you will stay this way.


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