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Women are taking over the fitness industry in the UAE

(MENAFN- Velimir Jovanovic)

The Fitness world has forever been a place where men thrived. However, over the last couple of decades, women have shown they can keep up with men in all sports activities. And, not only that, but they even proved that they can beat them. In the UAE, there is a surprising new trend - women are taking over the fitness industry! Not only can you see more women exercising and taking part in sports and sport-related activities but you can also see female gyms, female-dedicated workouts, female personal trainers, female health groups (both online and offline), etc. Of course, fashion is also changing - women's sportswear is everywhere. Yes, the whole world is changing and it is changing in women's favor! So, let us explain what is going in UAE and how have women taken over the fitness industry. Keep on reading to find out more. 

What Happened With the Fitness Industry 

Before we start talking about how women are taking over the fitness industry, let us talk about the fitness industry in UAE in general. The last two years, according to the UAE news and according to the residents of UAE, have been though! Because of Covid-19, not only the people from the United Arab Emirates but from all over the world, had to remind themselves what was truly important - health. We need our health in order to survive this crisis! And, the only way to have it now, and in years to come, is by becoming more health-conscious. That applies to the food we eat, drinks we drink, whether we train our bodies or not, and whether we train our minds or not. Luckily, many people across this state took this to heart. And that is why we see so many people, men and women, paying attention to their health and slowly joining the fitness community. 

More and More Women Are Turning to Fitness 

In the past, women were not so often seen in fitness. Some because of religious reasons, some because of political reasons, and some because of personal reasons. But, that has all changed! Nowadays, women of this state are free to do whatever fitness activity they want. And, they are taking advantage of that. However, this is not the only reason why there is a rise in the number of women in fitness, no. Because of the previously mentioned covid-19 situation, the UAE government worked on motivating people to exercise, eat healthily, visit gyms, etc. Some states of the UAE even lifted a curfew and allowed all sport centers to open. Doing this 'pushed' women, as never before, to turn to fitness. This can be best seen in cities such as Dubai. According to fitness trainers from DubaiPT, there were never so many women interested in fitness as there are now.  

There are Female-Only Fitness Centers Everywhere 

We can all agree that there is something so special about female fitness 'gatherings'. There, women do not have to worry about the body parts they do not like, about the sweat stains, about the awkward sounds, etc. Even though all of these things are completely natural, simply, women feel strange when being surrounded by men in fitness. Because of this, successful and strong women across the UAE are opening female-only centers everywhere. Some of them are gyms, some are recreational areas, etc. Moreover, when the UAE weather is nice outside, some of them are even outdoor retreats filled with everything female fitness-related. So, let us mention just a few of them

  • Motion Ladies Fitness Center - female gym and saloon in Dubai
  • L’Atelier Aquafitness - ladies water biking in Dubai 
  • GetFitChick - women-only body transformation in Dubai 
  • Boutique NuYu  - spin classes for women in Riyadh
  • Alma Retreat - women wellness center in Ras Al Khaimah 

Female Personal Trainers are More Common 

Since more and more women are becoming health-conscious and interested in fitness, there is a big demand for female fitness instructors. That is a good thing. It is not easy to learn how to eat properly, how to do a particular exercise, when and what to train etc. And, it is much better to hire somebody to teach you than to eat and train without results, or even worse, to hurt yourself (both physically and emotionally). Women across the UAE know this - and they are doing the right thing - they are hiring a female trainer to help them achieve goals.

At first, doing this was relatively easy as there is an abundance of female personal trainers in the UAE. But, now, all of those trainers are booked. However, there is nothing to worry about. Because there is such a big interest in female trainers and instructors, many young women are going to school to become one. Moreover, many women from Europe and the USA are also coming to UAE to do all fitness-related jobs. This is all proof that women are taking over the fitness industry. 

Female Websites, Apps, Shops

Those women who still cannot relax in gyms and fitness sports centers, those who do not have the time to go there every day, and those who still do not want to risk getting sick, turn to the other side of the female fitness industry - online one. Yes, the internet is full of fitness programs made especially for women. Sometimes those are websites for women where personal trainers share their stores, exercise guidances, healthy recipes. Sometimes, those are apps that women buy that help them organize their fitness journey. And, sometimes, those are just private classes for women by women. Moreover, besides these online spaces, there are also many brick-and-mortar shops around the UAE that sell female workout clothes, shoes, equipment, supplements, etc. All in all, the female fitness industry in Dubai is thriving right now, and that is why women are taking it over. 


Velimir Jovanovic

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