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SPOILER ALERT: Money Heist Season 5 volume 2 ending explained

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Endings are inherently sad and the fans of Money Heist are feeling bittersweet as their favorite series comes to an end. SPOILER AHEAD . Well, if you are a Money Heist fan and haven't watched season 5, you may want to refrain from reading ahead. After volume 1 ended on a cliff-hanging note, making fans curious about the future of the gang, volume 2 came out on December 3. Here is an explanation of how Money Heist season 5 volume 2 ended. 

Money Heist: Summary of season 5, volume 1

The plot begins in the aftermath of Tokyo's heroic sacrifice. Major Sagasta gives an update to a team outside, while the Professor is completely distraught and loses focus for a brief moment. Alicia takes advantage of the distraction to get away from them. Colonel Tamayo attempts to regain control of the situation and promises to send in the army, but Sagasta stops him and tells him to be patient. The Professor and Marseille pursue Alicia, leaving Benjamin at the stormwater tank to carry out the plan as directed.

How does Money Heist season 5 volume 2 ends?

Colonel Tamayo finds himself between a rock and a hard place by the middle of“A Family Tradition.” Spain was on the verge of total economic collapse due to a lack of gold in the bank. However, the people who took the gold refused to tell him where it was.

Tamayo tried to intimidate Denver into confessing, promising him that if he cooperated, he would be able to walk free with millions of euros. Denver hesitated, but he eventually refused. Tamayo was forced to play The Professor's game as a result. You understand how The Professor repeatedly stated,“Either they win or they lose.” This is what he was referring to. The Professor agreed to return the gold to the Bank of Spain in exchange for Tamayo ensuring the safety of his team and giving a public speech. Tamayo agreed. Trucks, as the professor had promised, arrived shortly after he finished his speech.

Those bars were not made of gold, but of brass that had been painted to look like gold. Tamayo threatened to kill The Professor and his team as a result of this ruse, but The Professor was once again one step ahead. What is gold, he contended, if not a psychological concept? Spain had gold as long as it believed it had it back. Tamayo would never find the gold, no matter what he did. So he had two options: accept the fraud or give up everything. 

The deaths of Rio, Bogotá, Manila, Pamplona, Helsinki, Stockholm, Lisbon, and The Professor were announced in the episode's final 15 minutes. But, just like when they convinced Tamayo that the gold was hidden in the ocean, that was a ruse. Each member of the team triumphantly emerged from his or her body bag near the end of the episode. They were liberated, and they were about to become wealthy.

Money Heist: What exactly is Rafael's deal?

Remember how no one knew where the gold was going in the bank? Rafael steps forward. Rafael, Berlin's son and The Professor's nephew, and his girlfriend Tatiana were in charge of keeping the gold hidden. They did an excellent job of concealing it in a charming little house. That is until loose cannon Alicia Sierra showed up in search of some leverage. Sierra appeared to be contemplating. Either taking the gold for herself or turning it over to Tamayo in exchange for immunity. She did, however, give Rafael a note from The Professor at the last minute. Yes, she's now on Team Professor.

How did it end for the beloved Heist gang?

Professor proposes Lisbon. Denver has a happy ending. Rio was still in mourning over Tokyo's death, and there was a lovely moment between the on-again, off-again Helsinki and Palermo.

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