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Reasons To Choose Beautiful Rings From Moissanite Co

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There is nothing more exciting than getting your favourite wedding jewellery at a lower price. Especially when it comes to diamonds and other gemstones, discounts can add to your happiness within a few seconds since investing in diamonds can be costly and a stressful process.

With so many things to take care of, diamonds start to seem more of an inconvenience than a happy wedding memoir. With limited design options and alterations, you stay unsatisfied. In these situations, moissanite comes into play.

Moissanite stones are considered a great replacement for diamonds as they bring the same quality and shine but with a plethora of benefits. To learn about these benefits, read below.

Hardness scale

People prefer diamonds because of their resistance to scratches and damage. They have a hardness level of 10, which gives them the title of the hardest material on earth. There are very few stones that match the level of hardness with diamonds.

Moissanite is one of these stones with a hardness level of 9.2, which is considered great. This makes moissanite a very good material for everyday use. No matter what you do, your stone would not get damaged and would stay with you for a long time.


Moissanite is considered to be great when it comes to appearance. You might find moissanite more sparkly than diamond. It has a refractive index double that of the diamond. This lets the stone refract light with much more brilliance than most stones available in the market today.

This refractive index makes the white light falling on its surface refract on its various internal surfaces. This phenomenon gives the stone its unique sparkle or fire.

Environment friendly

Moissanite stone is created in labs and therefore requires no mining. On the other hand, other stones require rigorous mining to extract the best quality stones. This process damages the earth and weakens the layers of the soil. This process can also give way to earthquakes or damage tree roots.

By using moissanite, we relieve some pressure from the earth and encourage eco-friendly pieces of jewellery. Moreover, unlike diamond, moissanite is made of silicon carbide. Silicon carbide is present in abundance on earth.

No conflicts involved

As the extraction of diamonds is difficult and expensive, many countries use illegal forms of slavery and mining to get their hands on the nicest diamonds. Strong countries use developing or underdeveloped countries to minimize their taxes and import revenue.

However, in lab-created stones such as moissanite, you can be sure that no damages or illegal activities took place to produce them.


Moissanite is cheaper than a diamond as they are chemically different. Moissanite is created in a lab with components that are easily available in nature.

Final Words

Beautiful rings from Moissanite Co can make events like engagements or anniversaries unforgettable with their beauty and sparkle. Moissanite stone is a great choice for plenty of reasons which have been mentioned above. Choose moissanite and shine more than a diamond.

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