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8 Proven Ways to Help Your Website Generate More Leads

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Inbound marketing is all about creating trust. A prospect comes looking to solve a certain problem. It is through your content that you wrap them in, gain their trust, and finally get a conversion.

The good thing is that the internet has simplified this process. You no longer have to interact with the customer face to face. The customer also does not have to face that awkward moment of declining offers.

The entire process is also time saving and consumes less cash for all involved. As a website owner, all you need to work on is a value proposition. Make your prospects feel welcome and everything else falls into place. Keep reading for some simple ways to generate more leads.

1. Contribute Content On Other Websites and Blogs

While you need great content on your website, hardly will people consider you an authority in your field. Yet, with a few guest posts you appear established and a voice worth listening to.

Most guest posts allow backlinks too, and that is another win on your part, driving traffic to your site. Blogging can be relatively easy, so long as you love what you do. Pour out your knowledge in an easy-to-read manner and you will soon attract plenty of readers.

2. Optimize Your Website Contact Form

Communication is key towards the growth of any process. You need to have some feedback from users. Some may also seek clarifications and make enquiries, so communication channels need to stay open.


“Why contact forms?” one may ask. Well, displaying your email address or your business telephone number may bring lots of spam coming your way. Contact forms also keep you in control and allow for gathering of structured data.

Make use of that information to your advantage. Structure your contact form to collect data that may help you better understand your prospects.

3. Have a Live Chat Option

Still on communication, it is wise to have a live chat option on your website. It’s cost-effective and it gives your prospects the thrill of instant replies. You also get to interact with people in real-time.

There are chatbots available too, and they come in handy in scheduling tasks. They also help in the pre-screening process. Not to mention there is a clear statistical increase in the importance of both Live Chat and Chatbots for customer experience.

When answering chats you do not need to log in to your website backend. Most systems now have integrations that allow you to make replies even on your phone. A few settings and everything works in no time.

If you can afford it, outsourcing is a viable option. You get people specifically trained to carry out that task.

4. Stay Active On Social Media

Social media is a great tool when properly utilized, some say it's the fuel of Digital Marketing. Therefore, tasks as simple as updating your profile constantly matter. Hence, you have to spend a considerable amount of time.

What matters most is the interactions you make on your social media profiles. They determine whether traffic flows to your site. It is a wise thing to have the message across your profiles matching.

Post informative posts and offer discounts or consultations where applicable. Take your time to structure your posts as some media allows minimal characters. You need to say much in a few words.

Where possible prepare posters, they allow for more and are attractive. Videos also work the magic.

5. Go After Former Clients

Referrals are hard to come by. Former clients are easy targets though, especially if they are loyal. Start by thanking them for making purchases and go on to subtly suggest referrals. Your current customers are also a good source to look for, so you want to make sure they are happy with your service.

Here are some ideas on how to go about it:

  • Seek feedback from customers through follow-up calls
  • Thank clients and show them how important your relationship is
  • Clarify that you are willing to do more to cultivate it
  • Ask them if they have other people in mind who would make use of your service
  • Should they agree to share contact information, suggest an introduction on their part
  • Should the referral go through, send a token of appreciation


6. Targeted Paid Advertising

Targeted online advertising comes in many forms. Most of the models though bill per click. Hence the common reference to Pay Per Click advertising (PPC).

You get to choose relevant keywords as per your niche. The advertizer then pushes your ad to people looking up the keywords. Most of such traffic ends on your site and will most likely lead to conversions.

The number of ads pushed depends on your budget. Therefore, there is an opportunity for all.

7. Host Online Events

Nowadays it is pretty easy to set up a webinar. Should you feel you are sufficiently qualified to educate on a certain topic, go for it. Value proposition is a major leads driver.

Your clients benefit from the knowledge offered and check out your services in the process. Keep it short and precise to hold prospects’ attention span to the maximum.

Towards the end of your webinar, consider a Q&A section. That allows for feedback collection and addressing any issues.

8. Outreach Programs

Generating leads depends on how many people know of your products in the first place. Thus, there is no harm in seeking out people you think might be interested. Get their contact information and send out that carefully crafted cold pitch.

You can make contact through cold calling or cold emailing. Either way, it is good that you have a template in place. That gives you clarity of purpose and allows proper communication of what’s on offer.

Should you get no reply, send out a follow up. Experts say showcasing some of your big clients is a trick that works in most cases.

Keep yourself informed on how to rightly go about it. Understand the CAN-SPAM Act and other relevant regulations. If you have the resources to spare, you can outsource.


Once you master the art of lead generation, it is easy to incorporate new ideas. The initial steps are time-consuming and learning-intensive but pay out handsomely.

Whatever new techniques that come, always seek to understand whether they are nurturing relationships. If not, they probably won’t work as desired. Client relationships are at the heart of lead generation and conversions.



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