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Zagro Asia Limited Provides Solution for Farm Animal Respiratory Health

(MENAFN - Market Press Release) Animal health company Zagro Asia Limited offers a range of chemical (antibiotics) and Phytosolution (herbal) products to promote better respiratory health in livestock.
Monogastric animals, such as poultry and swine, have complex lung and respiratory systems, which could lead to breathing problems that are difficult to diagnose and treat. Without adequate treatment and prevention programs, respiratory distress in animals can be fatal and infectious.
Through years of research and experience in animal health and protection, Zagro's range of chemical and Phytosolution products formulated to prevent and treat respiratory-related issues in farm animals.
Chemical based Solution with Macrolide antibiotics
Zagro has a comprehensive solution for avian mycoplasmosis, an infectious respiratory disease that affects poultry, which can lead to complications such as reduced egg production and hatchability, increased mortality, and less fertility in breeders.
Pathogens causing avian mycoplasmosis are highly susceptible to macrolide antibiotics-based products (tylosin, tilmicosin and tylvalosin), which are offered by Zagro.
The macrolide antibiotics range of products for the prevention and treatment of avian mycoplasmosis include Tyloguard (Tylosin tartrate), Tylozag (Tylosin phosphate), Tilmicozag (Tilmicosin phosphate) and Tilvilozag (tylvalosin tartrate).
For more efficient implementation with prevention and treatment programs, the antibiotics are available in the form of feed grade, oral liquid, and water soluble types.
Semi-synthetic antibiotic
Another antibiotic used for the treatment and control of respiratory-related diseasesis Tiazin, a Zagro product used to treat bacterial infections in poultry and swine.Tiazin is a feed powder based on Tiamulin, a semi-synthetic antibiotic belonging to the pleuromutilin group of antibiotics. This antibiotic is highly effective against gram-positive organisms, such as Streptococci, Staphylococci and Mycoplasma, that cause respiratory infections.
For swine, Tiazin is used to treat and prevent Swine Pneumonia and Swine Dysentery. While for poultry, it's used for the prevention and treatment of Infectious Coryza, Synovitis, and Chronic Respiratory Disease in broilers, layers, and breeders.
Phyto-Solution (Herbal based product)
Zagro also offers a herbal-based phytosolution product to prevent respiratory diseases in animals through Phyrorespi, a polyherbal-based feed supplement that can help simulate and optimise the function of the respiratory system.
It's a combination of polyherbal-based ingredients, such as AdhatodaVasica, Glycyrrhiza Glabra, Mentha Piperita, Ocimum Sanctum, and Curcuma Longa.
The benefits of Phyrorespi include strengthening the protective mechanism and functions of the respiratory system, facilitating normal breathing, and improving the immunological profile of swine and poultry. It also keeps the lungs clear and prevents respiratory tract discomforts as well as possibilities of secondary infections.
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