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Traffic jams: Drivers face back-to-school rush hours in UAE

(MENAFN - Khaleej Times) Drivers in the UAE experienced quite a few traffic jams and tailbacks on the first day of school in the country.

The roads around Karama, Deira, Dubai International Airport, Sharjah's King Faisal Mosque, Mega Mall and the Sharjah Cricket Stadium were completely blocked.

Drivers on the roads around the Zabeel area have also been facing slow moving traffic on Sunday morning.

Parents in the UAE have been encouraging drivers to "behave and respect the rules" as schools reopen today and motorists navigate their way through jam-packed roads during the early morning and afternoon rush hours.

Some parents who drive their children to and from school have called out other mums and dads, saying they need to be "mindful and patient" while behind the wheel so the pick and drop process can be safer and smoother.

A campaign launched by the Dubai Police in August aims to ensure zero accidents on the first day of school. As Khaleej Times reported previously, the 'A day without accidents' initiative encouraged motorists to sign an online pledge to drive safely.

Brazilian expat Michele Gambalonga and her three children will be leaving their home extra early to avoid the traffic. "Back-to-school time can be very stressful on the roads," she said. "Drivers are very aggressive and no one gives you way on the road. They're all in a rush and some of them don't drive carefully.

"My advice to other parents on the road and other drivers is to be patient and please leave early to reach on time. Also, let's respect other drivers outside of schools and park our cars in appropriate places, it can get dangerous sometimes."

Gambalonga believes more signs on the road and heftier fines could prevent parents from parking irresponsibly in school zones and honking, as well as encourage drivers to respect the 'stop' sign on buses when children are getting off.

"I have a son with autism and a driver honked at him, I imagine to tell him to hurry up, while he was getting off the bus and crossing the street. It really spooked him," she added.

An Australian mum of three school-going daughters, Alicia Hol, has urged all parents buckle up their kids properly in the cars at all times, especially during the back-to-school season when roads get busier.

"To me, it's horrifying to see how many children are unrestrained in cars. You can't control how others drive and how responsible they are on the road, but you can drive safely and buckle up your kids properly," she said. "Another nightmare is how parents misuse the pedestrian crossing outside of schools. I've been hit once by a car at the crossing outside my daughters' school. Drivers need to have respect for others on the road. Yes, parents are in a rush to get to work on time but the repercussions of unsafe driving are huge. My advice to drivers is to be patient."


Traffic jams: Drivers face back-to-school rush hours in UAE

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