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Top official talks Azerbaijani army's great victorious campaign of liberating occupied lands soon

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Today, fraternal Turkish people are celebrating their historic Victory Day, assistant to the president of Azerbaijan on political issues, head of the department Ali Hasanov wrote on his Facebook page.

'In this regards, I sincerely congratulate the entire Turkish people and the public, Hasanov added,  Trend  reports.

He stressed that August 30, 1922, is the date of Turkey's glorious victory over the occupying forces, which has become a symbol of fateful triumph.

'The tremendous victory on the battlefield was vital not to live in the conditions of the serious defeat that Turkey suffered at the end of World War I, for its statehood to be accepted by the world and the forces of the invaders, Hasanov said. 'Such a victory was achieved through the Boyuk Taarruz (Great Attack), launched on August 26 1922, under the command of first Turkish President Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

'This victory proved that the Turkish people are able to determine their future fate within the boundaries of their political geography, and not in the geographical framework and conditions that the occupying forces tried to impose on them, he said. 'If to say in Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's words, the noble Turkish people had this power. Above all, this victory demonstrated the national will, determination, mobilization and cohesion of the kuvayi-milliye (national forces) for the sake of the Motherland.

'As a result of the victory on August 30, a new period of the Turkish statehood, the republic with the recognized geographical borders and political borders, was launched, Hasanov said.

'We are proud that the Azerbaijani people supported fraternal Turkish people, rendered the material assistance and moral support to the Turkish brothers during the years of the World War I, as part of Tsarist Russia, [then] during a short period of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR) and even during the first years of Soviet power, when there were relative attributes of independence, he said.

'Tens of thousands of our compatriots, who died for the sake of independence of modern Turkey, were fighting in the ranks of the Ottoman army and then in the Turkish resistance movement, he said.

'In this sense, August 30 is as important for us as the date of national memory, reflecting the brotherhood of our peoples, the will in a joint struggle against the enemy, Hasanov noted.

'Azerbaijan has always appreciated the support of the Turkish brothers, he wrote. 'The Azerbaijani army is strengthening every day thanks to the successful policy of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, and it is one of the 50 most powerful armies in the world.

Hasanov stressed that the Azerbaijani valiant army proved during the April 2016 battles that it is capable of fulfilling its sacred task - the mission to liberate the occupied lands, with dignity.

"The great victorious offensive of the glorious Turkish army occurred on August 30, 1922, he said. 'I believe that there will be great victorious campaign of the Azerbaijani army in the name of liberating our lands soon!"


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Top official talks Azerbaijani army's great victorious campaign of liberating occupied lands soon

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