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Afghanistan- Political Parties Call for a Ceasefire to Ensure Durable Peace

(MENAFN - Daily Outlook Afghanistan) KABUL- Representatives of two mainstream political parties in the country on Sundaysaid that a potential peace agreement between the US and the Taliban will notlead to sustainable peace in the country unless there is an agreement on aceasefire.
Topnegotiators from the US and the Taliban continued their talks for the fourthday on Sunday where they are discussing key topics, including reduction ofviolence and the nature of the presence of US intelligence after a possiblepeace deal.
'Anyagreement without a ceasefire and without clarifying the future of the Talibanfighters will not lead to durable peace, said Abdullah Qarloq, deputy head ofthe National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan also called as Junbish-e-Milliparty.
'Ifthe issue of ceasefire is not addressed in the agreement which is expected tobe signed, I think it will raise serious concerns, said Noor Rahman Akhlaqi,member of Jamiat-e-Islami party.
Sourcesfamiliar with the talks said the two sides have apparently agreed on someissues including a timeline for the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan,assurance that threats will not be staged from the Afghan soil against anyother country and also the start of intra-Afghan negotiations.
'Itseems that an agreement will be signed about the issue that the Americans willabandon night raids and bombardments once the two sides seal a deal and inexchange the Taliban refrain from launching attacks on major cities, politicalanalyst Wahid Muzhda said.
'Recentstatements by the US president have somehow damaged the talks and these issuesharm mutual trust between the two sides, said Sayed Akbar Agha, a formerTaliban commander.
Sourcessaid the two sides will sign the peace deal within the next few days which willbe followed by intra-Afghan negotiations.
Aspart of a peace deal, the number of US forces will reduce to 5,000 from thecurrent 14,000, sources said. The troops will be withdrawn from five Americanbases, which according to President Ghani, they are 'small bases and thereduction will not impact the situation of Afghanistan.
Thiscomes as US Senator Lindsey Graham has once again warned that American pullingtroops out of Afghanistan would lead to 'another 9/11, saying that Americacannot 'outsource its national security to the Taliban.
Mr.Graham issued a similar warning ahead of US President Donald Trump meeting withhis security advisors last month where they discussed issues around a possiblepeace deal with the Taliban – the militant group which is seeking thewithdrawal of all US forces from Afghanistan in exchange for ceasefire andintra-Afghan negotiations.
'Ifwe left tomorrow, the Taliban cannot be trusted to take care of ISIS [Daesh]and al-Qaeda, Graham said in an interview with Fox News on Saturday. (Tolonews)


Afghanistan- Political Parties Call for a Ceasefire to Ensure Durable Peace


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