Tuesday, 24 September 2019 04:35 GMT

Countries Close to Afghanistan Must Fight IS: Trump

(MENAFN - Daily Outlook Afghanistan) KABUL- US President Donald Trump wants India, Iran, Russia and Turkey to fightagainst terrorists in Afghanistan.
Speakingto reporters at the White House, Trump said the job against terrorism was beingdone only by the US, some 7,000 miles away and the countries closer toAfghanistan were not putting up the fight.
'Ata certain point Russia, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey are going to have tofight their battles too. We have wiped out the caliphate 100 per cent.International media quoted him as saying..
'Idid it in record time but at a certain point all of these other countries.where ISIS is (still) around… Trump said while responding to a question on thereemergence of ISIS in Afghanistan.
Allof these countries are going to have to fight the group, as the US could notafford to stay in Afghanistan for another 19 years, according to Trump.
'Idon't think so. So, at a certain point other countries, including Russia, Iran,Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India will have to battle the Islamic State,he reiterated.
Thecomments come a day after Trump indicated the US forces would not completelywithdraw from the war-torn country and America would make sure the Taliban donot regain control. (Pajhwok)


Countries Close to Afghanistan Must Fight IS: Trump

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