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India- WWE: Possible new member of The Shield

(MENAFN - NewsBytes) The Shield remains one of the most destructive stables in WWE's recent history.

Consisting of three members,Dean Ambrose ,Roman ReignsandSeth Rollins , the stable made an instant impact and became a top force in no-time.

However, with Ambrose making an exit, the stable seems to be finished, as of now.

In the same light, we analyze some wrestlers who could replace Ambrose.

Finn Balor
An extraordinary man for an extraordinary team
An extraordinary man for an extraordinary team

Now, this could seem a little weird.

Finn Balorcould easily reform TheBullet ClubfromNJPWif he decides to join the current stable The OC, involving AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

He is a man who has an extraordinary talent and the aura to step up, given any situation, just like Ambrose.

Certainly, a strong pick.

Braun Strowman
The Monster among Men for a monstrous team

We all know thatBraun Strowmanis one such man who does not need somebody's help to script success. He is good as a singles competitor.

However, he has a tremendous amount of respect for Roman Reigns, and if persuaded by The Big Dog himself, Strowman is unlikely to turn the offer down.

Also,The Shieldwould be better with Strowman.

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Bray Wyatt
A creepy addition to the stable
A creepy addition to the stable

Let us explain.

Bray Wyatt initially made a name for himself through a similar three-member stable The Wyatt Family.

With it being out of the picture for now, Wyatt has gone solo.

However, since he has experience of a three-member stable, he could prove to be a valuable addition.

Further, giving a creepy feeling to the stable could actually work.

Dolph Ziggler
Can The Showoff add the flavor of Ambrose back?

Let's admit it, Dolph Ziggler is a great in-ring performer and being a two-time world champion does prove it.

Moreover, he has good skills and can deliver a good promo.

However, what makes his case even unique is his current character, which involves being unstable and obviously conniving.

While he might not be able to completely replace Ambrose, he can certainly deliver his taste.

Will The Shield be back in the top 1%?
Will The Shield be back in the top 1%?

I know, they just keep on coming. But trust me, there is a valid reason.

EC3 is one of the top superstars in WWE to date, who has remained underutilized for a long time.

Being a multiple world champion in Impact Wrestling, he is certainly a force in the ring, with sound wrestling skills.

Also, his serious attitude could make him a good addition.


India- WWE: Possible new member of The Shield


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