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Benefits Of Organic Juice Cleanse Video: Stoop Juice

(MENAFN - PRLog) NEW YORK - July 15, 2019 -PRLog-- Benefits of Stoop Juice's 3 Day Cleanse:  Alkaline Your Body
When your body is in an alkaline state, you are less likely to suffer from chronic diseases. The food and drinks you consume each day have a direct impact on the acid and alkaline balance in your body. This balance is measured by determining your pH value, which tells you if your body's fluids and tissues are more acidic or alkaline. On a pH scale of 1, which is very acidic, to 14, which is highly alkaline, your body is considered healthy and alkaline if you have a pH level of 7.0 or above.
The small Signs
If you have a slight pH fluctuation, and your body becomes more acidic than it should be, your body immediately begins to exhibit symptoms of an imbalance. These symptoms may be considered minor, like a runny nose, fatigue, skin breakout or irritation, irrational appetite or a slight case of irritable bowel syndrome. However, these minor health issues are actually the first indicators that your body might be too acidic and needs to reach a more alkaline state. Although exposure to germs and contaminants, stress and other outside factors can cause all of these symptoms too, the probability of having clearer skin, better digestion, more energy, controlled appetite and a nose that runs less often increases when your body is alkaline.
Fewer Colds
An acidic environment promotes the growth of bad bacteria, yeast and fungi. The imbalance of your body's good bacteria makes you more prone to getting infections. You will be less likely to suffer from the common cold when your body is alkaline.
Cancer Prevention
A major benefit of having your body in an alkaline state is that you might reduce your risk for developing cancer. When your body is too acidic, oxygen levels are lowered and cellular metabolism stops. This can lead to the growth of cancer cells. Cancer cells do not thrive in an alkaline environment.  Maintaining an alkaline state helps encourage healthy cell turnover, which is key in the prevention of cancer.
Reach Your Natural Weight
The only thing that keeps your body from being it's natural weight is you.  Achieving your natural weight comes from eating in a healthy balanced way which makes your body feel nourished with the food you eat so you stop craving more.  How?  Eat fruits and vegetables which make your body more alkaline, while processed foods, sugar, refined carbohydrates and alcohol make you more acidic. By eating alkalizing foods, you are more likely to maintain a healthy weight. The frequent consumption of acid-producing foods is more likely to contribute to a weight problem, partly by encouraging you to develop habits of seeking out acidic foods when hungry. Click here to watch video
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Benefits Of Organic Juice Cleanse Video: Stoop Juice

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