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Letter: The Democratic Party of Trinidad and Tobago you

(MENAFN - Caribbean News Now) Dear Sir:

Can Trinidad and Tobago reduce crime, have better roads, boast of a reliable water supply, reduced traffic, world-class health care and be the breadbasket of the Caribbean?

The answer is absolutely yes. We have the knowledge, the resources and in a few months the opportunity to make that a reality. The obstacle to our progress and development is political. The two major political parties have thrived on divisiveness and subliminal racism. The solution is not so much a new political party but a leader with the conviction, love for country, sincerity, wisdom, financial security and dedication to allow every citizen of Trinidad & Tobago to trust that person to unite our nation.

The Democratic Party of Trinidad and Tobago (DPTT) and Steve Alvarez is that vehicle.

Since the formation of the DPTT in 2001, the primary goal of the political party was to arrive at a vision for moving Trinidad and Tobago forward.

Then and now, the party sees the DPTT only as a vehicle for uniting all of Trinidad and Tobago and not as another sector of our society with party cards seeking access to the nation's treasury. There has been no active drive to encourage membership in the party.

There is however, an encouragement for citizens to recognize their responsibility as a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago to help every community, every child, every elderly person, every business person and every individual who feel a sense of hopelessness to realize that together we can make Trinidad and Tobago one of the best places to live on earth.

This is possible when every community is empowered to participate in the governance of our nation. The structure of governance that empowers communities is not a DPTT's innovative idea, it is the practice of every developed, safe, prosperous nation internationally. 

Citizens should not have to literally beg a minister of government to fix a pothole, repair a leaking pipe or increase police patrol in areas of high criminal activity.

Communities ought to be empowered to look after those concerns. The central government should be concerned with national and international matters, overall security, disaster preparedness, legislation and policies that seek to improve the lives of the citizens.

In Trinidad and Tobago, the central government has taken on the responsibility for almost every aspect of the lives of its citizens. From managing a mall to vehicle repairs, they manage the water supply and distribution, the road repairs, the policing of communities and government services. With over 200 state enterprises and a plethora of ministries and sub-ministries, government has grown into a place for providing jobs for party supporters while they fail to be efficient in almost every sector of management.

The DPTT will restructure the governance of Trinidad and Tobago so that the many qualified, talented managers and service personnel of our communities will play their part in restructuring our nation.

It is with that objective in mind, the DPTT encourages every community to start looking for leaders within one's community to get ready to manage our nation. Now is the time for leaders to come forward to rebuild our land. The DPTT will facilitate the process. The DPTT will provide the political organization, the party symbol and the vision for uniting our people and ending the debilitating divisiveness that has plagued the development of Trinidad and Tobago.

The first step to rebuilding Trinidad and Tobago starts with every citizen determining to provide a safe, prosperous, harmonious nation for our people now and for generations to come. Now is the time to start uniting and finding the leaders in our communities.

At the appropriate time, the DPTT will provide the contact information for leaders to gather together to start the rebuilding of Trinidad and Tobago.

God bless our nation.

Steve Alvarez
Political Leader of The Democratic Party of Trinidad & Tobago


Letter: The Democratic Party of Trinidad and Tobago you

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