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Now Avail Inidia’s Best and an Economical Fare Rail Amabulance Service by Hifly ICU

(MENAFN - Hifly ICU Air Ambulance Services) New Delhi June 07, 2019

Since last several years after the Hifly ICU Ambulance Service inspections, it has proven to be a reliable and safe Air and Train Ambulance company providing excellent Emergency Medical Transfer Services. Hifly Rail Ambulance Service and its team’s responsibility to outstanding patient care and safety has also made this Train Ambulance Service one of the most preferred amongst the people of India. It is always an honour for the Hifly ICU Team to be part of a patient’s journey, ensuring that every transfer is seamless. Their highly experienced medical Escorts are committed to positively connecting their patients’ changes in care.

The CEO of the Hifly ICU Rail Ambulance Service on 07, June 2019 talking to the media on the successful and regulation transfer of Train Ambulance Service from Vellore to Kolkata, said that he appreciates his entire team dedication and trust in Hifly ICU Ambulance Service. He further also added that he has also seen his entire team and their dedication level against the patient and their family on–the board is absolutely amazing and the way they treat them is truly impeccable.

Mr Kuldeep Sharma the Head of the Case Manager Team stated that he is been lucky to work with this amazing team and he is also proud to be a part of the Hifly ICU Team. He also added that whenever a case comes to him he analyse them with great concern and don’t hesitate any time to concern any queries about the case with his team members. He further added that he tries his best and sees that if the case is not so severe he provokes the patient's family to opt for the Rail Ambulance Service from Vellore, Kochi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc. as it is cheaper than the Air Ambulance Service and is as well the safest and securest way.

Mr K Sharma also added that there is numerous service provider who in order to make more money increases the number of attendants for the patients. At Hifly ICU Rail Ambulance Service we do not increase the number of specialists for such cause, thus your patient along with the companions are always in the safe hands and the transfer is successfully completed at a very competitive price.

Lastly, the CEO of Hifly ICU Train Ambulance Service Mr M Kumar also ensured that the service we are offering be it the Rail Ambulance Service, Air Ambulance Service and the Ground Ambulance Service will be extended across and reached every corner of the Republic of India. We are also working with some foreign delegation and association to extend our Air Ambulance Service throughout the worldwide and with the peoples blesses we will succeed very fast in the near future.

About Hifly ICU Ambulance Service: Hifly ICU Ambulance Service provider is India’s fastest growing Train, Air and Ground Ambulance Services. Hifly ICU Rail Ambulance Service is available 24 x7 hours and 365 days and nights. We offer the best of Medical Escorts which make the critically ill patient’s transfer a seamless process with all the high-tech medicinal equipment outfitted in our Ambulances. We offer you the cheapest Train Ambulance Service in Patna, Kolkata, Vellore, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, etc.




Now Avail Inidia’s Best and an Economical Fare Rail Amabulance Service by Hifly ICU

Hifly ICU Air Ambulance Services

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