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Afghanistan- Election under illegitimate government unlawful

(MENAFN - Afghanistan Times) Presidential hopefuls challenge Ghani's legitimacy, call for interim govt

By Farhad Naibkhel

KABUL: Presidential Candidates Council (PCC) along with
thousands of supporters have gathered in Kabul Sports Stadium on Tuesday,
calling continuation of the National Unity Government (NUG) leaders illegal,
and asked for interim set up.

The government expired on May 22nd and since that
presidential runners asking for interim government to run the election smoothly.

Taking under account the expiry, the PCC and their
supporters through a demonstration had once again forward two options to NUG
leaders; First, President Ashraf Ghani to drop his name from candidacy, and that
he can continue as caretaker; and second, to resign as president, hand over the
administration to a caretaker.

Former National Security Advisor and a prominent hopeful
candidate for September Presidential Election, Haneef Atmar told a big crowd of
supporters at the stadium that continuation of NUG leaders were illegal.

'Leaders overstaying in power is a threat before peace,
elections and unity of the people,' he said, favoring a caretaker government to
run fair, free and transparent election.

Blaming the government with looting governmental budgets,
Atmar asked the NUG to stop contracting of projects' agreements with their

Another, Presidential Candidate, Noor-U-Alhaq Ulomi, said
that peace is demand of the people. 'We can only reach it via implementation of
law and democracy.'

'We are seeking a free and fair election to be monitored and
be under control of the people, not under control of few powerful figures,' he

At the end, the PCC issued a resolution, calling
continuation of NUG leaders illegal and against constitution.

'NUG leader work after May 22nd is in contrary with all
governance affairs in Afghanistan, which won't be effective in big national
processes such as election and reconciliation,' the resolution added.

According to resolution, if president did not quite as
nominee for presidential candidate, then he must resign as president in order
to have a free election.

The PCC also blamed president of interfering into electoral
bodies, and asked President Ghani to restrain such activities.

Moreover, the PCC claimed that president created challenges
ahead of peace process in purpose of being in power, which must be stopped.

Meanwhile, Deputy Spokesman for President Ghani, Shah Husain
Murtazawi said one of the characters of democratic government is that all
citizens can express views independently and always the government have
supported such gatherings.

'We have heard speeches of the presidential candidates,
where we won't find something new, so such gatherings likely can be early presidential

This is now for the third times that the candidates have
risen their vices for a caretaker government.

But the government goes with decision for Super Court as it
extended President Ghani's work until new president sworn in.


Afghanistan- Election under illegitimate government unlawful


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