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Two killed, 19 injured in Honduran anti-government protests

(MENAFN - Gulf Times) Two people have been killed and 19 injured in
protests in the Honduran capital, where demonstrators are demanding
the resignation of President Juan Orlando Hernandez.
The victims, 17 of whom had bullet wounds, arrived at the Escuela
Universitario hospital overnight, the hospital said on Thursday.
One of them, a 29-year-old man, died after having been shot in the
A 38-year-old man died from injuries caused by stabbing.
Protesters meanwhile erected burning barricades on exit roads in the
south of Tegucigalpa, daily El Heraldo reported.
Some universities announced that they were suspending classes, while
Hernandez called a meeting of the Defence and Security Council - the
top organ handling security and defence policy - to deal with the
"[The] state of Honduras has the obligation to guarantee to the
people the protection of their integrity and the enjoyment of their
rights, such as free movement, protection of public property and
more," the president tweeted.
Honduras is one of the poorest and most violent countries in Central
Thousands of people have left in recent months in an attempt
to migrate to the United States. Meanwhile, anti-government protests
have been raging.
The government cancelled reforms that protesters said would have led
to the privatization of the health and education sectors, but
demonstrators are continuing to demand Hernandez's resignation.
Part of the police force, who are demanding better health and life
insurance benefits, joined the protests by going on strike this week.
Truck drivers also went on strike, but the government said Thursday
it had reached an agreement with them.
Police on Wednesday reported "a series of acts of vandalism in
several parts of the national territory, causing economic losses and
damage to businesses."
Local media reported looting, road blockages and fuel shortages in
several regions.
Hernandez won a second term in 2017 in elections marred by
allegations of fraud.


Two killed, 19 injured in Honduran anti-government protests


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