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Kuwait- Swooping Eagles 'dream wrecker' for IncrediBowlers to join finals

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UNIMONI Exchange, IBL Tigers, Asian Air Safari 'Top 3' finalists

KUWAIT CITY, June 16: There were
no changes in ranking after the closing of the elimination round in comparison
with the penultimate game standing of the on-going 2019 Philippine Bowling
Association in Kuwait – Kuwait Bowling Federation Cup 2019 Tenpin Bowling
League held at the Kuwait Bowling Sporting Club Complex in Salmiya. The dream
of IncrediBowlers to snatch the last seat in the 'Magic 8' became bleak and
just remain the top team vying for Desperado trophy as compassion prize for the
second group. The teams that posted victory were UNIMONI Exchange, Swooping
Eagles, Jordan Elites, SKARZ, 'X' Strikers and Falcon Cargo while KRAHS team
played bye.

Everybody was expecting a good
fight between the Swooping Eagles and the IncrediBowlers but were surprised when
the latter showed up with just four players. In this instance the Swooping
Eagles did not give their rivals any chance to overcome them and dominated the
3-game series 901-854, 930-854, 868-824 (2,724-2,532). Lady eaglet Mona Corpuz
top scored with 451 points followed by Alonzo Bush (449), Jessica Balagat
(443), Riz Roque (441) and Clinton Cathers (416) while the 4-man team
IncrediBowlers were Ruben Cervantes (505), Lito Michael (447), Melvin Alabado
(434) and Adolfo Prena (408). One of the puny teams, SKARZ surprised and
outsmarted the Asian Air Safari one of the titans of the league 2,616-2,517.
The highest pointer was Lionel Mendes (482) assisted by Stephen Sequiera (464),
Ignatius Fernandes (430), Melwin Isaac (372) and Kathy Fernandes (361). For the
losers, the top scorer was Fadhi Al Masri (540) supported by Mohammad Karam
(515), Aqeel Al Farisy (502), Ghadeer Al Sarraf (292), Sonia Mathews (248) and
Seham Behbehani (189).            

The following games had no
bearing and the points earned by the winners and losers did not affect their
standings either in the 'Super 8' and the Desperado Group. IBL Tigers bowed to
'X' Strikers 2,576-2,878 and remain with their ranking. The 'X' Strikers' top
pointer was Ceddie Faa (500) assisted by Joe Presenta (498), Abel Nitikusumo
(487), Bima Nitikusumo (472) and Cris Carungay (468) while IBL Tigers top
honcho was Joel Fernandes (453), Nadine Dias (441), Jason D'Souza (407),
Rudolph Castelino (336), Ulysses Menenes (295) and Fatima Sequiera (254). It
was an easy game for the Falcon Int'l Cargo to eliminate Pin Pals 2,667-2,465
when they controlled the three game series 838-787, 895-817, 911-861. The
highest pointer was John Narvasa (502) assisted by Gener Calingasan (493), Jess
Tolentino (448), Jayson Gamba (422) and Jocelyn Barros (323) while Pin Pals pin
busters were Vasant Harshab (491) followed by Agnello Fernandes (241), Diago
Camilo (420), Allan Fernandes (403), Raj Reddy (383) and Neeta Fernandes (118).

It was also a relaxing game for
the Jordan Elites' bowlers against NUSANTARA with just three bowlers and the
result was 828-794, 925-757, 904-840 with total score of 2,682-2,391. The
Elites' highest scorer was Waleed Al Boloushi (525), with Ali Hikmat (489),
Basma Ammar (461), Yousef Waleed (392) and Ali Arquob (305) while NUSANTARA's
three bowlers were Ahmad Fahmi (431), Tanjung Gantosori (415) and Erlisa
Gantosori (402). The match-up between the alpha and omega team in ranking, the
top-ranked UNIMONI Exchange who played with four pin pushers won the first
(914-758) and last game (930-753) while the tailenders, Dragon bowlers won the
second game (880-818) and finally the score was 2,687-2,391 in favor of UNIMONI
Exchange and their bowlers were Faisal Saleem (526), Sulaiman Al Shuabi (498),
Ahmad Fadil Karam (492), Rudy de Lima (458) and John Caldwell (183) while the
losers' players were Eric Favor (453), Lester Matugas (407), Bing Robiso (405),
Bert Alilay (382) and Valerio Lopez (332). KRAHS bowlers who played bye were
Joel Tizon (492), Mar Evangelista (475), Eden Danan (391), Eddie Pena (388),
Pilar Patula (307) and Sam Bhebehani (124).  

Final Round Results: 1. UNIMONI
Exchange (36,594); 2. IBL Tigers (35,839); 3. Asian Air Safari (35,425); 4.
KRAHS (35,402); 5. Jordan Elite Bowlers (35,402); 6. 'X' Strikers (35,130); 7.
Swooping Eagles (34,480); 8. Falcon Int'l Cargo (34,349); 9. IncrediBowlers
(34,018); 10. NUSANTARA (33,121); 11. Pin Pals (32,804); 12. SKARZ (32,683) and
13. Dragon Bowlers (29,696).


Kuwait- Swooping Eagles 'dream wrecker' for IncrediBowlers to join finals


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