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Afghanistan- Fruits, Grain, Wheat Harvests Increase in Kunduz

(MENAFN - Daily Outlook Afghanistan) KUNDUZ CITY - The harvests offruits, grain, and wheat have increased in northern Kunduz province, said theAgriculture Directorate of Kunduz.
Kunduz is one of the well-knownprovinces of the country which previously was known as the 'the hive ofAfghanistan' and the center of grains.
However, insecurity in recent yearshad negatively affected agriculture in addition to other industries.
Despite the existence of insecurityand war, the agricultural products have increased 20 percent compared to theprevious years.
'The suitable weather and theon-time raining resulted in the increase of the agricultural products likefruits and grains in Kunduz, said Wahid Batash, the Agriculture Director ofKunduz.
According to the gardeners inKunduz, though the harvests are good this year, the lack of official'sattention to improve the gardeners' conditions and the absence of a propermarket for selling the harvests are the main problem of the gardeners.
They said that 7 kilograms of thefruits like peach, black cherry, and apricot are sold around four US dollars.
'The apricot of Kunduz is the best apricot butthe government is weak in terms of providing the opportunity for exporting theKunduz fruits to other provinces, said Ajmal, a gardener in Kunduz.
In addition, the officials saidthat the several pests were threatening the wheat and several harmful insectswere threatening the fruits but as a result of the measurements taken by theAgriculture Directorate and partner organization, the threats were solved.(ATN)


Afghanistan- Fruits, Grain, Wheat Harvests Increase in Kunduz


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