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OfferBot - Real Estate Offers Accepted

(MENAFN - PRLog) OfferBot goes live with full access to the best real estate transaction platform available.
SAN DIEGO - May 30, 2019 -PRLog-- OfferBot - The real estate transaction platform for buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals goes live! After decades of stagnation, the real estate industry receives a hearty dose of technology that benefits everyone, a real simple real estate transaction!
Ever since the inception of the real estate transaction, buyers have needed to communicate their desire to purchase a property, and have that purchase agreement communicated directly to a seller. In the 1900s there was mail, and later fax machines. In the early 2000s there was email. In 2019 there is OfferBot, the easiest way for buyers, agents, and others to make, receive, and accept offers on a property. Anyone can utilize the platform to communicate their desire to purchase a property (Make an Offer), or list a property for sale.
Real Estate Agents have long been the gatekeepers for buyers and sellers to communicate, and OfferBot allows anyone (buyer, seller, or agent) to collaborate, along with other service providers such as: Title Companies, Lenders, Escrow, Attorneys, and others. When all parties communicate via a simple platform, the results are increased acceptance rates for everyone involved. Buyers can see when an offer is submitted, viewed by the seller, and countered or accepted. Sellers can see when an offer is received, counter the terms or price, and accept of reject the offer. Agents can provide guidance to the parties that they represent, and advise each person accordingly. Service providers can add value by uploading documents, such as preliminary title reports, pre-approval letters, and inspections.
OfferBot has one simple goal, "The Best Real Estate Transaction Possible".


OfferBot - Real Estate Offers Accepted

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