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Kuwait - Complex job of Interior

(MENAFN - Arab Times)

Interior Ministry faces problems from a humanitarian and security point of view
when dealing with difficult issues of citizens and expatriates, some of which
seem difficult to solve especially given the shortage of well-trained and
sincere men in uniform. One of the two qualities is not enough for a security
man to perform his task to the full satisfaction.

One of the most difficult things
in Kuwait, despite its small size and small number in population is the need
for the security services to deal with more than three million residents
belonging to more than 120 different nationalities who follow dozens of
religious beliefs, backgrounds and countless cultures therefore a security man
with modest training and education will find it difficult to deal with all this
complex mix, hence the problems start from each party's grievance of
maltreatment or treatment of the other party often because of misunderstanding.

The matter gets worse because many
have paid money to enter the country and to add insult to injury some MPs have
bought their way to the Parliament and they want to make up for the money they
spent during election canvassing and as a result the relationship between a
citizen and a resident is our own creation.

We must not blame anyone for the
tense relationship between the groups in society, neither the colonialists nor
the world Zionism or even the arrogant powers in the world because they have
nothing to do with the matter.

The issue of official procedures
that a resident has to do annually is one of the most pressing factors that
rule the relationship between an expatriate and the authority, and in general
between the expatriate and the citizen. The residence permit renewal procedures
include humiliation, traffic congestion, waste of time, efforts of the security
services and exhaustion the staff suffers from and the electronic systems
accompanied by routine issues.

Some may see subjecting an
expatriate to annually renew his/her residence permit is a kind of control over
the security situation, and this is absurd in the light of all the progress the
world has made in the security area, so that monitoring does not require such

It is important that the Ministry
of Interior, as we have previously requested through our meetings with the
Interior Minister and through our articles, and the noble goals we set for the
Human Friendship Society to determine the categories of serious residents
especially those who have lived in the country for long periods of more than
thirty or forty years and give them 'silver residence' for five years for
example, and golden residence extending to ten or twenty years to a person who
has lived in the country for half a century or more, and offer advantages to
senior employees and investors.

All of this will contribute not
only to the elimination of security tension between the two parties but will
also make the residents feel their importance and confidence in their abilities
and encourage them to work hard and invest in long-term projects instead of
feeling that their stay in Kuwait is temporary and that they are subject to
deportation at any time.

This is exactly what every
resident feels because of the sword of residence renewal on his head all the
time. A serious and honorable resident is among us and will remain as long as
he is needed, so it is important to pay attention to his mental health as long
as we are unable for one reason or another to dispense with him, whether an
expert or a guard.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have
launched their permanent residence programs, and we still do not want to think
about it though we have precedence over them in many other humanitarian
matters. We therefore demand that the Minister of Interior take the initiative
and do something to solve this problem.


By Ahmad alsarraf


Kuwait - Complex job of Interior

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