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UAE- On a budget? This MG should be calling

(MENAFN - Khaleej Times) THE SALIENT PIECE of information you need to know about this, the MG RX5, is it starts from just over Dhs52,000. Yep, a whole SUV straight out of the wrapping and off the forecourt, complete with that new car smell, for 50 grand or so. You can't really say fairer than that can you? A decade ago, many commentators predicted the vast majority of us would be driving Chinese owned marques by the mid 21st century, if not earlier. And when they arrive as accomplished as the RX5, and at such a price, it is difficult to disagree. Oh, just quickly, for those a tad confused, the MG brand may fly Union Flags (drawing on the maker's heritage) but they're operated out of East Asia and are far better for it, we say. Here's why.
Let's go over that price again
Obviously there are variations depending on the market in which you find yourself around the Middle East and elements including trim level, but we're working with a roundabout base sum here and for that you get a whole lot of car. You can tell from the images alone. It's a mid-size SUV, and with that comes everything you would expect. An elevated driving position, room for five people enveloped in comfort and safety features and decent engine up front. It even possesses all-wheel drive (top spec). The minimum luggage capacity is 595litres alongside rear leg space of 982mm and head space of 987mm in a car 4.5metres long, for goodness sake. We can't get over what you receive for the price.

But how does it drive?

As well as any other car in this segment, that's for sure. We can't claim it's particularly quick - 0-100km/h in 8.2seconds (top spec) - but then you wouldn't be looking at one of these to go tearing about. For us, it made the journey from Dubai to Abu Dhabi with no hassle in the slightest. It held its own in the fast lane and felt at ease accelerating up to the top permitted speed. Your choice of 2.0T and 1.5T units are mated to six and seven-speed transmissions respectively and deliver maximum power of 221hp or 169hp. Darting into corners, the vehicle felt planted and that's all we really ask from a crossover.

It looks good

We agree. While styling is by no means exuberant, attention has been paid in order to avoid the 'box on wheels' look favoured by more economical cars. A few cuts here and there, a pleasant looking grille and chrome highlights on the air intakes plant the RX5's flag outside of 'run-of-the-mill's ville'. Okay, it's not a million miles away, but we think it has a pleasant visage. Inside, it's very family-friendly, yet nice-to-the-touch materials provide the cosiness and, again, chrome accents make the difference. Tech options depends on your model, but can include a 10.4" infotainment touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Navigation or an 8" colour navigation system for STD versions.

Anything else you need to tell us?

You can download the MG iLink app and it opens a whole new world of remote possibilities.


Engine: 1.5T (base)

Power: 169hp (base)

0-100kmh/h: 8.2secs (top)

Price: from Dhs52,000


UAE- On a budget? This MG should be calling

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